Smooth Arm (Coarse focus control type) AFN-W

スムースアーム (粗動アングルタイプ) AFN-W
Focusing made easier with the coarse focus adjustable arm.
There is no annoying rock.
Improve work efficiency with smooth operation.
Arm moves freely up and down, right and left.


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A coarse focus movement angle makes more convenient for the smooth arm

afn-w_01_200When doing work on the desk and doing work,
coarse focus angle makes more convenient for focusing.

Stroke :67mm


General Specification

Model Number
Attachable table edge clamp Maximum width
Load capacity * Weight required dynamically
Coarse focus angle stroke


【There is no annoying lock, work efficiency UP by smooth operation!】

スムースアーム (粗動アングルタイプ) AFN-W
スムースアーム (粗動アングルタイプ) AFN-W
Quickly pull out
Exactly stopping
Quickly pull in
It can comfortably operate.
It can be stopped precisely at any position.

【Arm moves freely up and down, right and left.】

スムースアーム (粗動アングルタイプ) AFN-W
It is possible to move the microscope head
90 ° from horizontal to upward,
30 ° from horizontal to down.

スムースアーム (粗動アングルタイプ) AFN-W
Each joint rotates.
スムースアーム (粗動アングルタイプ) AFN-W
The arm can be moved position from 90 ° to 25 °.

The coarse focus angle was attached to the smooth arm!】 
A coarse focus angle was added to make Smooth arm more convenient.
It is convenient for placing objects on the desk, and focusing and working with it.



【Video of Smooth Arm】 
Work efficiency is improved by smooth operation!
Please check the smooth operation of smooth arm with this Video.

【Table edge clamp】

afn_edge_200Attachable table edge clamp
Maximum width:65mm

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