Glass Scale for Caliblation GS-0.5

Horizontal:10mm/20(0.5mm increment)
Vertical:10mm/20(0.5mm increment)
(Suitable for low-medium magnification)

Grid accuracy(GS-0.5):+/-0.0015mm(for each increment)

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About this product

Linear expansion coefficient for calibration glass scale is 0.00000095 per °C

Linear expansion coefficient means..,
the rate of length change of the object, increases or decreases, due to temperature changes.

Rate of volume change of the object due to temperature changes means vcolume expansion percentage.
Assume the linear expansion percentage = “α” and the volume expansion percentage = “β”, then β=3α.
⊿L=α・L・⊿T (⊿L: expansion, L: length, ⊿T: temperature increase)

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