High Definition Video Camera for microscope 〈with SD card slot〉 HDCE-Y20HDT

There is 1920 x 1080 resolution of high vision camera.
Easily connect to monitor with a HDMI cable that come along with the camera.
(Please use 16:9 wide screen monitor)

High-vision image quality(5 times higher than a normal video camera)and a smooth video quality with 15frame/s processing power.
Any images can easily stored by using the SD card slot.
(save in JPEG/AVI type)

Cross line function

HDMI cable for outputting images

※PC monitor or monitor with HDMI slot are recommended.

(Depend on the domestic monitor’s compatibility, image might be not displayed.)
Demo are available. For further information, please contact our technical support division.

Product Inquiry phone028-3911-2006


General Specification

Model Number
Power Supply
HDMI cable、AC adapter、SD card(4GB)、remote
Image Sensor
1/3inch CMOS
Maximum Resolution
1920x1080(full HD)
HDMI cable


Easy to use

To plug into trinocular tube part
or the eyepiece of the microscope.
Internal diameter of φ23.2mm(JIS standard),
it is almost possible to a φ30.0mm microscope.
※Please use a C-mount camera with
the C-mount adapter attached to the third scope.

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