Ductile cast iron measuring software Quick Grain G5502

黒鉛球状化率計測ソフト Quick Grain G5502

Ductile cast iron measuring software Quick Grain G5502 designed for measuring spheroidized proportion of graphite as per JIS G5502 or the spheroidized-graphite-proportion judgment testing method as per old JIS(or the NIK method) or as per ISO 16112 international standard and JIS 5505 standard for compacted graphite iron (CV cast iron).

※ Quick Grain uses the images saved via the USB camera.

Features of ductile cast iron measuring software Quick Grain G5502

  • Quick measurement
  • Classification for easy review
  • Compatible with various standards.
  • Make report with 1 click
  • Review measurement history easily
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Quick Grain can solve these problems!

●Measurements are varied when measuring with naked eyes.

●Measuring is limited to specialized personal only.

●Need to submit a reliable report to the suppliers


General Specification

Model Number
Quick Grain G5502


No1. Quick measurement

黒鉛球状化率計測ソフト Quick Grain G5502
Continuiously capture the cast iron image from the live view and analyze with 1 click!

No2. Classification for easy review

黒鉛球状化率計測ソフト Quick Grain G5502
Measurement results are displayed in red for class V, VI and over, yellow for class IV and below. The classification is easily noticed at a glance.

No3. Compatible with various standards

黒鉛球状化率計測ソフト Quick Grain G5502
The spheroidized proportion of graphite measurement is as per JIS standard G5502 / the NIK method(old JIS). Moreover, by comparing images before and after corrosion, you can measure Pearlite ratio, Ferrite ratio and graphite area ratio. Can also measure with ISO 16112 international standard or JIS G5505 for compacted graphite iron (CV cast iron).

No4. Make report with 1 click

黒鉛球状化率計測ソフト Quick Grain G5502
After measurement finished, Excel report will be automaticly made just by 1 click.
You can made your own form of report as well.

No5. Review measurement history easily

黒鉛球状化率計測ソフト Quick Grain G5502
In case of malfunction after shipment, You can use Quick Grain to quickly look at the archived measurement data history instead of looking through piles of documents.

Operating environment

  • Supported OS:Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
  • CPU:Pentium4 2.4GHz or more
  • Memory:1GB or more
  • HDD:640MB available
  • CD-ROM:24x or more
  • Interface:USB2.0 port ×1
  • Application:Microsoft Excel 2003/2007/2010

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