Light illumination for small camera stand RD-95T

・Transmitted illumination light.
・Because the size of the light is the same as the size of φ95mm examination stage, you can use with small camera stand, fine angle adjustment stand, and folding fan-shaped base. In addition, it also can use with other types of stands from our company.

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General Specification

Model Number


[Example of installation1(with the small stand)]

Use lighting with the small stand
Using instead of φ95mm
diameter examination stage

[Example of installation 2(with a rotation XY table)]

Use Lighting with the rotation
XY table TK180-K
Using it instead of φ95mm
diameter examination stage.

[Example of installation3(with other kind of stand)]

There is a cable underneath of lighting.
If you would like to use it with standard stand,
you have to make some ajustment.
Please contact us to know more information.

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