FULL HD Camera GR200HD2

A high defination camera with the resolution of 1920 x 1080.
It can be easily connected to a monitor with an HDMI cable.
※Please use a wide monitor of 16:9.

60fps smooth display and the high quality of the picture produced (5 times clear than video camera).

Images can be saved with Built in USB Flash slot(Image saved in BMP format)

* Please use a 32GB or below USB flash.

※Lens is optional.
HDMI cable comes as standard equipment.


※We recommend a PC monitor with an HDMI terminal, industrial monitor, etc.
(TV monitors are compatible but sometimes may not be shown.)
Demonstration products are available. For further information, please contact our technical support division.

●Relate to Monitor connect with HD Microscope→Check detail information here

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・Full HD cameraUSB
with memory slot
・AC adaptor
・USB memory(8GB)
・HDMI cable


General Specification

Model Number
Power Supply
HDMI cable, AC adapter, USB flash (8GB),
Remote Controller, (Lens is not included.)
C Mount
Thickness of arbitrary line
1 dot


Image Sensor
1/3" Color CCD
Number of Pixels
2.0 Megapixel
Maximum Resolution
1920x1080(FULL HD) 24Bit
Frame Rate
60fps (at 1920x1080)
HDMI terminal


Easy setting! Easy operation! Easy store!

The menu will appear
at the right side of screen
when connecting to AC adaptor
Brightness, contrast,
color, cross-line,

Easy setting! Easy operation! Easy store!

Available to set up camera
like control brightness at
the back side of camera.
Connect to the wide monitor
with HDMI cable.

Easy setting! Easy operation! Easy store!

Usable with any monitor such as
wide-screen monitor or HD-TV
with an HDMI port

Easy setting! Easy operation! Easy store!

Comes with a USB flash slot! Still images can be saved onto the USB flash.
Save images with a single click.

Easy setting! Easy Operation! Easy store!

Control the capturing with an external trigger.
Available to display / hide the cross lines.
(Line display in white and black available.)

Usage Example

High dynamic range feature!


This microscope is come with a high dynamic range rendering function.
Underexpose or overexpose part can be easily fixed.
This combination of HDR function can greatly reduce the effect of halation.

p8x0nqxl 192qy0i7
Normal Mode HDR Mode
kf31fnix dv5hdmqm
Normal Mode HDR Mode
y4t6p981 lzp3he7g
Normal Mode HDR Mode

What is high dynamic range synthesis (HDR)? → Click here

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