Selection of Industrial Lenses
Precautions for Industrial Lens Replacement
Method for attaching a filter to a lens without threaded screws for the filter
The method of attaching ring lighting to a slim lens
Góc nhìn của ống kính là gì ?
Bộ phụ trợ ống kính (ống kính chuyển đổi phía trước
Lens numerical aperture and resolution
What is an auxiliary lens (rear converter lens)?
How to clean lenses and filters
Some notices when changing lens
How to attach a single camera len to a C mount camera?
How to measure accurate dimensions?
What’s lens resolution?
What is NA (Numerical Aperture)?
What is the F value (lens brightness) of a len?
What is f value (focal length) of the lens?
What’s back focus?
How to reduce image distortion?
What is a telecentric lens?
What is distortion?
What is aberration?
What’s view angle?
How to extend W.D?
What’s W.D
Depth of focus of high magnification lens
The depth of focus of medium magnification lens (SDS-M)
Depth of focus of low magnification lens
Depth of focus/depth of focus field
I would like to observe in the wide range of 1 to 1000 times.
How to reduce the magnification of high magnification zoom lens (FZ series)
What’s auxiliary lens (Rear converter lens)?
What is an auxiliary lens (front converter lens)?
Types and characteristics of telecentric lenses.
How to choose CCTV lens?
What is macro lens / macro zoom lens?
What’s zoom lens?