How to attach a single camera len to a C mount camera?

Conversion adapters as the following are on sale in order to attach the single camera lens to the C mount camera.


変換アダプタ 変換アダプタ

Flange back of EOS is 44mm


Flange back of C mount is 17.526 mm


Lenses for single lens reflex cameras can be mounted on C mount cameras.

Focus is achieved by offsetting 44 – 17 mm = 27 mm.

However, when attaching a C mount len to a single len reflex camera, the flange back is too close and there is no focus.

(If you do not let the lens into the camera, the focus will not match.)





By employing this adapter, it is feasible to physically affix a C-mount lens to a single-lens reflex (SLR) camera. Nevertheless, SLR cameras typically exhibit a significantly larger sensor size compared to industrial cameras.


Consequently, the inherent incompatibility of C-mount lenses with the fundamental sensor dimensions of SLR cameras renders such a recommendation impractical.