How to measure accurate dimensions?

Telecentric lens with less image distortion are superior to macro lenses when measuring high-precision dimensions.

When a telecentric lens is used, the depth of field is not extremely deep. However, there is no dimensional fluctuation of the observation image if it is within the depth of field as a feature of the telecentric lens, It is difficult to measure errors and you can measure with high accuracy.


RT3 Telecentric len RT3
たる型 糸巻き
<Distortion is large>

High accuracy such as  dimension measurement

  When measuring distortion,

  you should choose a small lens.

<Distortion is small>

With a telecentric lens,

  distortion is small, high accuracy measurement becomes possible.


< Shooting by telecentric lens with RT3>


Glass scale in increments of 0.2 mm

with a telecentric lens and shooting


<When open aperture>

Focus on the area surrounded by red

In the status where the aperture is open

It goes to the right side of the glass scale and it is not in focus.


<When narrowing the aperture>

Like the photo above, focus on the area surrounded by red. While matching,

I narrowed the aperture.

On the right side of the glass scale

even around the broken line without blurring of images. It is clearly reflected.


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