Rich Function Measurement Software MeasurePRO-Ex

In addition to all the features of high-performance measurement software (MeasurePRO), it is added a focus stacking function newly. (Measurement items, please see below.)

The measurement is available under any status in video and still images.

You can display multiple cross-cursors as well.

You can save such measurement values in excel file format, so that it will be possible to load such stored data into other measurement software commercially available.

It is operational for DirectShow-compatible USB camera.

* However, it is NOT available for old type TWAN-compatible 3-Megapixel Camera.

*Two kinds of glass scale GS-0.2/GS-0.5 standard are attachment.

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【Measurement Iterms】


[Distance berween 2 points]

Measure the distance between 2 points.

[3 points angle]
Measure the angle created by 3 points designated.


[4 points angle]

Measure the angle created by 4 points designated.

Measure the diameter of a circle created by 3 circles.


[Distance between 2 circles]
Measure the distance between each center point of, and diameter and angle between any 2 circles.


[Perpendicular line]
Measure the distance from any baseline/fidutial line.


Measure the area of any polygon.




Operating Enviroment


  • Supported OS:Windows Vista、7、8、10 (32bit・64bit)
    (Please make sure that DirectX 9 or higher has been already installed.)
  • Capture device:Device compatible with DirectX
    (USB camera, IEEE1394 camera, capture board and etc.)
  • Memory:CPU 256MB or better:PentiumII 366MHz at least
    (Recommend Celeron 900MHz or better)
  • Graphic:800X600 24-bit color display or better
  • Suitable with Camera CCD 1.3 Megapixel/2.0 Megapixel/3.0 Megapixel/5.0 Megapixel/14.0 Megapixel.

*However, it is NOT available for old type TWAN-compatible 3-Megapixel Camera.
 ( How to check ‘old version’ : If its application software has the indication “DEMO”,

it is the old TWAN-compatible type, which is non-usable. If it has the indication “Measure”, it is usable.)


General Specification

Model Number


【A focus synthetic function is supplied!】 In the case of a coin

<Before focus stacking>
<After focus stacking>

【A focus synthetic function is supplied!】 In the case of a screw

<Before focus stacking>
<After focus stacking>
When combines multiple images taken at different focus distances to give a resulting image with a greater depth of field than any of the individual source images. Focus stacking is a computational technique, images with several different depths of field can be generated in post-processing and compared for best artistic merit or scientific clarity

【Comparison of the Powerful MeasurePRO and the function-rich MeasurePRO-Ex Measurement software】

・Please refer to the table below for the availability of the functions you need


Measure distance between 2 points
Focus stacking ×
Export to excel
Show thumbnails
Adjust screen magnification
Display crossline Multiple Multiple
Display grids
Display XY axis scales
Supports Windows XP、Vista、7、8 and 10 (32bit・64bit)


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