Video Camera for Microscope VCE-i700T

It is a video camera for microscope of horizontal resolution 700TV/Line.
You can watch the image with just connecting to the video input terminal of the TV monitor.

High function type that can select ON / OFF of auto white balance, auto gain control, backlight compensation.

The best properties of TV monitor, especially its ability of fluid motion and chromogenic, enables comfortable video pictures.
A variety of commercially available peripherals unique to video equipment can be used.

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General Specification

Model Number
Power Supply
DC12V AC adapter
NTSC Video Signal
AC adapter, BNC-RCA cable, Adapter to convert the caliber (φ23.2-φ30.0mm)
Effective pixel
Image Sensor
1/3 inch Color CCD


Easy to use!

It just plug into trinocular tube part or the eye piece of microscope. Internal diameter of φ23.2mm (JIS Standard), it is almost possible for a φ30.0mm microscope.
*In case of C mount adapter is attached to Trinocular tube part, please use a C-mount camera.

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