How to extend W.D?

If you can sacrifice the magnification, 0.5 times of auxiliary lens will extend the WD



0.5 × auxiliary lens for standard lens



When 0.5 times auxiliary lens is attached to TG 500PC2, the standard magnification from 23 to 140 times will be changed 11 to 70 times,

The standard focal length was 90 mm will be changed to 160 mm.


In that case, the position of LED ring light attached to the tip of the lens also departs from the object, the illumination becomes dark. Thus, changing more intense illumination or removing the diffuser plate will be very necessary.


High brightness 80 lights LED ring light


拡散板 With removable diffusion plate

It is possible to change the position of the ligh using LED angle. However, it will disturb the extended WD. Therefore, it is necessary to use twin arm light (SPF – D 2) or LED spot light (GR – FL 21)


I used a 0.5 times auxiliary lens to extend W.D.

If you use the LED angle to lower the lighting position, the extended W. D will be lower.

Therefore, we recommend using twin arm lighting (SPF – D 2) or LED spot lighting (GR – FL 21)


Twin arm LED light SPF-D 2


Stationary type dimmable LED twin arm light.


Low price LED spot light GR-FL2

It can be attached to φ 20 mm or φ 25 mm pillar.


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