Automatic image dimension measurement system AT-Measure ST1

Easy anyway! Just click

High accuracy automatic measurement is possible by using double-sided telecentric lens!
Easy all!Automatic image dimension measurement in the image with just click.

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Everything is easy

Easy setting
First, place the object and automatically temporarily measure the dimensional measurement candidates with just one click.
After that, freely edit / add the part you want to measure and register the product type.
Easy alignment! No alignment required
The measurement automatically recognizes the position of the object and The dimensions are measured automatically.
Also supports rotation.


Easy automatic measurement
Just place the object and click!
The registered product type is automatically measured.
Easy to save data
Measured values can be saved in Excel data format.
You can also save still images.


High accuracy

Using double sided telecentric lens
High accuracy dimension measurement is achieved without image distortion by using double sided telecentric lense.
Using parallel transmitted lighting
Using parallel transmitted lighting, there is little light wrapping around the object, the outline is clear, the edges are emphasized, and high accuracy dimension measurement is archieved.


Using stand with level gauge
Stand with level gauge for high accuracy dimension measurement. 


Includes calibration glass scale
It is also possible to attach a calibration certificate to the calibration glass scale. (Paid) 


Therefore, high accuracy! !!


About accuracy

In our test, we used a 25mm block gauge and
High accuracy that fits within 25 μm, which is 1/1000 of that!
In addition, the above accuracy has been achieved anywhere on the screen.


Other functions

OK / NG judgment can be made
OK / NG judgment can be made by setting the lower limit of tolerance and the upper limit of tolerance.
The value that was NG can be displayed by changing the color in the image.


Pinpoint digital zoom function
By turning the mouse wheel, it is possible to zoom in with the digital zoom centering on the point indicated by the mouse cursor when clicking the measurement point.

Usage Example


General Specification

Model Number
AT-Measure ST1
About 7kg
Double-sided telecentric lens, 5 mega pixel USB3 Vision camera, parallel transmitted light, stand with level gauge, glass scale for calibration, automatic image dimension measurement software AT-Measure

PC is not included.
Please prepare a PC with the following specifications.
Operating environment
Supported OS:Windows 8, 8.1, 10(64bit)
CPU:Core-i3 or above
Memory:8GB or more
Working distance
Depth of field
Measurement accuracy
Within ± 0.1%
Number of camera pixels
5 MP




Feature of the pre-installed software for Simplified Measurement


  • Observe live video
  • Simultaneous display of live image and save screen
  • Save the still image (JPEG, BMP)
  • Pause the observed image (Freeze Function)
  • Measure the distance between two points
  • Supported OS: WindowsXP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 (Compatible with 32bit and 64bit)
  • * Saving and reading calibrated data while measure

Glass scale for the calibrations is option.

A powerful measuring software MeasurePRO


A measuring software developed by our company.
Able to display multiple crosslines, grids, saved thumbnails and comments. Can export the data to Excel.

  • Measuring types

    [Distance between 2 points]
    [3 Points Angle]
    [4 Points Angle]
    [Distance between 2 circles]
    [Perpendicular line]

  • Features

    ・Export to excel
    ・Show multiple crosslines
    ・X, Y axis scales
    ・Show grid lines
    ・Display both saved image and live image on separate screens
    ・Insert comments



Measuring software with focus stacking function

Standard accessories are two glass scales for calibration (GS - 0.2, GS - 0.5).

Measure easily on the screen.

  • Measuring types

    [Distance between 2 points]
    [3 Points Angle]
    [4 Points Angle]
    [Distance between 2 circles]
    [Perpendicular line]

  • Features

    ・Focus stacking function

The powerful MeasurePRO and the function-rich MeasurePRO-Ex measurement software comparison

 ・Please refer to the table below for the availability of the functions you need

  MeasurePRO-Ex MeasurePRO
Measure distance between 2 points
Focus stacking
Export to excel
Show thumbnails
Adjust screen magnification
Display crossline Multiple Multiple
Display grids
Display X, Y axis scales
Supports Windows XP、Vista、7、8 and 10 (32bit・64bit)

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