High-speed camera system for borescopes BCHU30C-HY/B-HY

Borescope + high-speed camera
High-speed shooting of narrow areas


● By attaching a borescope, you can take high-speed images even in narrow gaps where a camera cannot fit.

● Borescope and computer sold separately.

* If you need color, please choose a color camera. If color is not important and you need a bright image, please choose a monochrome camera.

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High speed camera

+ plus

Variable Magnification Camera Adapter Lens

+ plus

High power LED lighting for borescopes



Usage example <Inside the sewing machine>



Make your high-speed camera even more convenient! Two software programs included as standard

Instantly see what you want to see in slow motion

You can instantly see high-speed phenomena and movements without having to go through the hassle of recording and playing files!
If you’ve ever used a high-speed camera, you know how difficult it can be to instantly see what you want to see in slow motion.
In order to watch what you want to see in slow motion, you have to go through the tedious process of recording, playing the file, and then searching for the part you want to see.
With REAL Slow, you can point the camera at anything and see high-speed phenomena and movements in slow motion.
You can also save still images and short videos.



Reliably record sudden, elusive events!

Like a dashcam, you can record and check what happens before and after the trigger is activated!
● Images before and after a trigger signal can be recorded.
● You can also disable the trigger input and record endlessly.

*Because it takes time to copy the video saved in the memory to the HDD or SSD, you cannot make the next recording consecutively. If you would like to make the next recording consecutively, please consider using the long-time recording recorder (optional software).



Operating environment
Supported OS Windows 10 Pro 64bit(32bit, Home not available)
CPU Intel core i5, i7 6th generation or higher (maximum clock speed 2.3GHz or higher)
Memory 16GB or more


Recording time depending on resolution and number of shots*
Shooting speed 60fps






Resolution 640×480 640×480 640×480 640×480 640×480 640×380
Recording time: 8GB PC memory 320 seconds 190 seconds 60 seconds 30 seconds 20 seconds 10 seconds
Recording time: 16GB PC memory 700 seconds 420 seconds 130 seconds 80 seconds 40 seconds 40 seconds
Recording time: 32GB PC memory 1460 seconds 870 seconds 290 seconds 170 seconds 100 seconds 100 seconds

*The time is an estimate. It may vary depending on the programs running on your computer.

Camera Specification
Color type Color/Monochrome
Image sensor 1/4″ CMOS 300,000 pixels


ON Semiconductor

Pixel Size(μm) 4.8 × 4.8
Maximum resolution 640×480(VGA)
Frame rate 640×480時 800fps
640×380時 1000fps
Dynamic Range 59 dB
S/N Ratio 39.9 dB
Shutter speed Maximum 1/20,000 (5μsec)
Power Supply Method USB bus powered
Weight (camera head only) About 63g
Maximum power consumption 3.3W at DC5V
Size 29x29x42.6mm (excluding protrusions)
Mount C mount
interface USB3.0
emperature environment (ambient temperature)

Operating temperature: 0 to 50°

Storage temperature: -30 to 70°

certification CE, FCC, RoHS, KC

Convenient optional camera stand

Low price Camera stand
3D Arm Camera Stand


General Specification

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