Brinell hardness (Brinell hardness testing)

  1. What is brinell hardness 
  3. (Brinell hardness)  is a method of measuring the hardness of metallic materials by pressing a steel ball into the material under a constant load, and measuring the size of the resulting indentation.

The surface area is calculated from the diameter of the indentation, and the Brinell hardness is obtained by dividing the applied load by the surface area, denoted as HB. HB represents the load per unit area.

The Brinell test is conducted using a Brinell hardness testing machine, where a tungsten carbide ball is pressed into the sample, and the diameter of the indentation (Brinell impression) is measured using optical equipment.

Brinell hardness testing is widely applicable to castings, non-ferrous metals, and other materials, and is known for its high reliability.


Sizes of steel balls: 1, 2.5, 5, 10 mm

Testing loads: 1 kgf to 3000 kgf

Maximum hardness: 650 HB



The Brinell hardness test is suitable for large samples such as castings and forgings, which have rough surfaces and heterogeneous particle structures, leaving relatively large impressions.

However, depending on the material, the clarity around the indentation may be unclear, leading to potential measurement errors. Moreover, the measurement process itself can be time-consuming.

Using the following software enables fast and highly accurate Brinell hardness measurements with minimal variability.




2. Introduction to efficient and high-precision Brinell hardness measurement software

ブリネル硬さ試験ソフトウェア(くぼみ径読み取りソフトウェア)BHN MESURE(日鉄テクノロジー株式会社製)  

Brinell hardness testing software

(Indentation diameter reading software)


(Manufactured by Nippon Steel Technology Co., Ltd.)




  • ● Conforms to JIS and ASTM Brinell hardness test standards
    ・ Compliant with JIS Z 2243 and ASTM E10-08 Standard Test Method for Brinell Hardness of Metallic Materials
    ・ Hardness value calculation and display conform to JIS standards





● Automatic Measurement

When the camera unit is set on the sample, measurement results are obtained immediately with a single action.

Automatic Brinell hardness measurement utilizes image processing technology to achieve fast and high-precision measurements according to predefined conditions.

Measurement results display the measured area on the original image.

This ensures reliable verification of measurement results.




– Supports two measurement calculation methods:

・Automatic Brinell hardness measurement
・Two-point measurement

Horizontal distance d1 and perpendicular distance d2 are determined.




Multi-point measurement [JIS・ASTM compliant]


Calculates the minimum and maximum diameters from 3 points to 180 points (adjustable) at equal angular intervals.





● Manual Measurement


For indentations where automatic measurement is challenging or where the indentation edges are unclear, use the manual measurement tool for straightforward measurement.


・ Manual measurement (parallel lines)




・ Manual measurement (X-Y intervals)




● Judgment Display

During measurement, real-time specification judgments are displayed.


ブリネル硬度測定について07   ブリネル硬度測定について08
正常値内の表示   異常値の表示(赤色表示)




  • ● Data Management
    ・ Measurement values and images are saved and managed by serial number, with the ability to load historical data.
    ・ Graph plotting and report generation can be automated.


ブリネル硬度測定について09   ブリネル硬度測定について10




3. Summary


We introduced software capable of Brinell hardness measurement with minimal human error and high precision and speed.

Various methods such as Brinell hardness, Vickers hardness, Rockwell hardness, Shore hardness, and Knoop hardness are used for hardness evaluation.

Each evaluation method has different inspection procedures and evaluation methods, but using the Brinell hardness obtained above, you can convert to each hardness using a “hardness conversion table.”

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General Specification




Feature of the pre-installed software for Simplified Measurement


  • Observe live video
  • Simultaneous display of live image and save screen
  • Save the still image (JPEG, BMP)
  • Pause the observed image (Freeze Function)
  • Measure the distance between two points
  • Supported OS: WindowsXP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 (Compatible with 32bit and 64bit)
  • * Saving and reading calibrated data while measure

Glass scale for the calibrations is option.

A powerful measuring software MeasurePRO


A measuring software developed by our company.
Able to display multiple crosslines, grids, saved thumbnails and comments. Can export the data to Excel.

  • Measuring types

    [Distance between 2 points]
    [3 Points Angle]
    [4 Points Angle]
    [Distance between 2 circles]
    [Perpendicular line]

  • Features

    ・Export to excel
    ・Show multiple crosslines
    ・X, Y axis scales
    ・Show grid lines
    ・Display both saved image and live image on separate screens
    ・Insert comments



Measuring software with focus stacking function

Standard accessories are two glass scales for calibration (GS - 0.2, GS - 0.5).

Measure easily on the screen.

  • Measuring types

    [Distance between 2 points]
    [3 Points Angle]
    [4 Points Angle]
    [Distance between 2 circles]
    [Perpendicular line]

  • Features

    ・Focus stacking function

The powerful MeasurePRO and the function-rich MeasurePRO-Ex measurement software comparison

 ・Please refer to the table below for the availability of the functions you need

  MeasurePRO-Ex MeasurePRO
Measure distance between 2 points
Focus stacking
Export to excel
Show thumbnails
Adjust screen magnification
Display crossline Multiple Multiple
Display grids
Display X, Y axis scales
Supports Windows XP、Vista、7、8 and 10 (32bit・64bit)

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