Low-cost GigE high-speed camera (color/monochrome) CHG40-C-RS/B-RS

It can be used in remote locations that were not possible with USB types. The cable can be extended up to 100m!


●The cable can be extended up to 100m, which is not possible with USB types!

●Two types of software are included as standard!!
 ・SpeedCapture allows you to record and check the time before and after the trigger

 ・REAL Slow allows you to observe in slow motion without recording

●High-speed cameras at ultra-low prices

●300 fps (frames per second) at a resolution of 640 x 480 (VGA) effective pixels, or up to 800 fps (frames per second) at a resolution of 240 x 180

●Lenses are required separately.

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Because it is a GigE type, the LAN cable can be extended up to 100m.

With the USB type, the maximum distance between the camera and the PC is 3m, making it difficult to capture high-speed images with large testing machines or large processing machines.
This camera is a GigE type, so you can extend it up to 100m with a LAN cable.
*Separate PoE power supply required (Class 0)




Make your high-speed camera even more convenient! Two software programs included as standard


You can obeserve what you want to observe in slow motion


You can observe high-speed phenomena and movements without having to go through the hassle of recording and playing files!
If you’ve ever used a high-speed camera, you know how difficult it can be to observe what you want to observe in slow motion.
In order to watch what you want to observe in slow motion, you have to go through the tedious process of recording, playing the file, and then searching for the part you want to observe.
With REAL Slow, you can point the camera at something and obsereve the high-speed phenomena and movements that are happening in slow motion.
You can also save still images and short videos.







Reliably record sudden, elusive events!


Just like a dashcam, you can record and check what happens before and after the trigger is activated!
● Images before and after a trigger signal can be recorded.
● Trigger input can also be disabled for endless recording (loop recording).



*Because it takes time to copy the video saved in the memory to the HDD or SSD, you cannot make the next recording consecutively. If you would like to make the next recording consecutively, please consider using the long-time recording recorder (optional software).




Easily shoot slow motion footage!





Operating environment

Supported OS Windows 10・Windows 11 Pro 64bit(32bit, Home not available)
CPU Intel core i9, i7 9th generation or higher
(However, maximum clock speed of 2.3GHz or higher and AVX extended instructions are required)
Memory 16GB or more, 32GB or more recommended


*Please avoid using thin, lightweight, or ultra-power-efficient laptops, as they are more likely to cause problems such as reduced or cut-off USB power supply when used for long periods of time.



Resolution selectable by number of frames shot*


Shooting speed Resolution









High-speed camera in an ultra-compact size!

ハイスピードカメラ This high-speed camera is ultra-compact, measuring just 29mm x 29mm x 53.6mm! It can be used in a small space.


Three ways to fix

固定方法は3通り The standard product has four M2x3 holes.
You can use these holes to fix it in place.
The compatible screw size is 4-M2
固定方法 The standard product also has three M3x3 holes.
These holes can also be used for fixing.
The compatible screw size is 3-M3.
三脚アダプタ If you attach a tripod adapter, it will also fit a tripod hole. Compatible screw size is 1/4-20UNC


Standard equipment

●High-speed camera body
●LAN cable (5m)
●Slow-motion observation software REAL Slow
●Trigger recording software Speed ​​Capture
●Trigger cable (3m)


Camera Specification

Camera type Color/Monochrome
Image sensor 1/2.9 inch
0.4 MP



Pixel size(μm) 6.9×6.9
Maximum resolution 720×540
Storage format AVI、BMP、JPEG
Framerate 720×540 200fps
640×480 300fps
240×180 800fps
Dynamic range 74dB or higher
S/N ratio 41dB or higher
Shutter speed Maximum 1/20,000 (50μsec)
Power DC9~24V
PoE(Class 0)
Weight (only Camera) About 80g
power consumption Rated power at DC12V: 3.1W
Size 29mm × 29mm × 53.68mm (excluding protrusions)
Mount C mount
Interface GigE
Temperature environment (ambient temperature) Operating temperature: 0 to 50° Storage temperature: -30 to 70°
Certification CE, FCC, RoHS


Introducing useful options



High-intensity lighting for high-speed cameras

Ultra-high brightness, wide diffusion, always-on type.
A simple light exclusively for high-brightness high-speed cameras that does not require synchronization adjustment with the camera.
Type with tripod adapter

Simple lighting for high-speed cameras

Low price
No need for synchronization with the camera. Always on.
Can be used as a stationary light or mounted on a tripod.
*Tripod not included.

POE power supply for GigE cameras
●POE power supply for powering GigE cameras
●Essential for computers that cannot fit a grabber board, such as laptops and slim PCs
●Includes 1m LAN cable
●For connecting 1 camera
GigE Vision frame grabber board (2 ports with POE power supply)

●Two Gigabit Ethernet ports. Up to two cameras can be connected.
●Supports PoE+ (Power Over Ethernet). A single LAN cable can be used to supply power to a GigE camera (PoE compatible).
●Supports 9KB jumbo frames
●PCI-Express × 4 lanes
●No power supply is required for the board.

GigE Vision frame grabber board (4 ports with POE power supply)

●Four Gigabit Ethernet ports.

Up to two cameras can be connected.

●Supports PoE+ (Power Over Ethernet)

Power can be supplied to a GigE camera (PoE compatible) with a single LAN cable.

●Supports 9KB jumbo frames.

●PCI-Express × 4 lanes




General Specification

Model Number

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