High speed Camera CHU130EX

Easy connection with USB 3.0 bus power operation!


●USB 3.0 bus power operation for easy connection

●200 frames/sec in full frame, 800 frames/sec in VGA size, maximum 4000 frames/sec

●Small and lightweight, yet equipped with built-in memory

●Hybrid model with built-in memory recording/DMA transfer

●Lens required separately.

*Color type also available. Please contact us for details.

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The recording method is a hybrid type that combines direct transfer via USB 3.0 and recording to the built-in memory.

It can be used in two ways: as a “memory camera” with 2GB of built-in recording memory, which allows for a multi-camera system with no dropped frames, or as a “frame grabber camera” with a high-speed serial bus with an actual transfer speed of over 300MB.



Camera type A/D10bit Monochrome ※1
Sensor 1/2 inch CMOS
Effective pixels 1280×1024
Mount C mount
Recording Mode Built-in memory/DMA transfer
Shutter speed Maximum 1/100,000 (10μsec)
Data Output USB3.0 Micro-B
Sensor sensitivity (at 550 nm) 7.7V/lux.s
Camera power input 5V
Power Supply Method USB bus powered, 12-pin power connector
power consumption 4.5W or less
Weight (camera head only) about 210g
Size 44x44x81.5mm (excluding protrusions)
*1 Color types are also available. Please contact us for details.


Control software specifications

Trigger Start, End, Center (3.3V TTL or Contact) and Motion Trigger
Auxiliary Functions Histogram, auxiliary line display, focus peaking, live image rotation, frame time writing, trimming, information text output
Image file AVI、WMV、BMP/Jpeg、RAW
Supported OS Windows 10、11


Recording time depending on resolution and number of shots*

Shooting speed Resolution Reference number of recorded images Reference recording time
200 1280×1024 1632 pieces 8.1 seconds
250 1024×1024 2042 pieces 8.1 seconds
300 1024×768 2724 pieces 9.1 seconds
500 800×600 4466 pieces 8.9 seconds
800 640×480 6982 pieces 8.7 seconds
1000 512×480 8728 pieces 8.7 seconds
1500 576×256 14551 pieces 9.7 seconds
2500 320×240 27943 pieces 11.1 seconds
4000 112×80 239552 pieces 59.8 seconds





Camera bottom/back

Bottom/Tripod hole


Standard equipment

●Camera head
●USB 3.0 cable
●Control software


Useful ways to use

カメラ背面 There are tripod holes on the top and bottom of the high-speed camera body.
This means that you can attach a strobe light to the camera using a fixture.
We can also introduce you to this fixture, so please feel free to contact us.

Introducing useful options



High-intensity lighting for high-speed cameras

Ultra-high brightness, wide diffusion, always-on type.
A simple light exclusively for high-brightness high-speed cameras that does not require synchronization adjustment with the camera.
Type with tripod adapter

Simple lighting for high-speed cameras

Low price
No need for synchronization with the camera. Always on.
Can be used as a stationary light or mounted on a tripod.
*Tripod not included.


General Specification

Model Number

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