Demo Equipment

We provide free demo equipment rental service to ensure you of our product quality before purchase.
(※Please be informed that you will be asked to bear the cost of returning the demo product.)

Models that are available for rental are labeled with “rental demo OK”.
Some products may be available for rent despite not having “rental demo OK” displayed. Please feel free to inquire.
Please let us know the rental model, renting date and address for delivery, by following the below inquiry method.
We will inform you of the shipment date in return.

※ 5 requests from Shodensha regarding demo products
1. Due to the demand of rental service from many clients, our rental service is available for only 1 model or 1 model+ 1 option (such as 3D arm) per client.
2. We will provide the demo products and the delivery costs, but we kindly ask you to bear the cost of returning the demo product.
3. Rental period is one week.
4. Due to the limited number of demo products, a product can take approximately one week before becoming available. In such case, we will inform you of the date of availability and shipment.
5. Rental service is available for companies only. For individual clients, if you can provide us with an object you wish to work on, we can send you a sample data. Please feel free to contact us.
<Technical Support>
If you have any questions or need any advice regarding model selection, please feel free to contact our technical staff, (Obara or Nga). We can provide suggestions that individually suit your company needs.


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<Other inquiry>
Please feel free to inquire if you have any question or prefer Quotation, Delivery.
We aim to provide quick delivery, and quick reply within office hour.

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