5.0 Megapixel USB 3.0 Camera DN3R-500

  • Machine vision camera using USB3.0.
  • Camera mount C(available for use as CS mounting by taking off a 5mm close-up photography ring)
  • Include outside trigger input terminal.
  • Strobe  output terminal is attached.
  • Global shutter model makes a lineup while being a CMOS sensor.
  • Prevent frame dropping function is attached so that frame rate will be prevented from becoming late by the affinity with the PC
  • The double setup of the same model is possible.
  • Saving image, video by Viewer software.
  • There are 4 holes of the M3 in the camera base that can be used to fix camera well.
  • The tripod adapter is sold separately.
  • USB3.0 cable with screw is sold separately.



<Backside of camera>




<Camera base>

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General Specification

Model Number
Supported Operating System
WindowsXP, Vista,7, 8, 10
Pixel size(μm)
Attachment Viewer software/sample SDK
Software Trigger
Image Sensor
1/2.5 inch CMOS
Number of Pixels
5 Megapixel
Maximum Resolution
2592x1944 QSXGA
Frame Rate
12fps (2592x1944)
C mount


The best point of USB camera

USB3.0 camera
1.Light weight, small compact size

The USB3.0 camera is compact size
of 30x30x36.5mm!
※The photograph is USB 2.0 camera.
USB3.0 camera
2.Full SDK

Support for C#、C++、VB.NET、
vb6, workstation(Linux)

Here is the point: easy to use by even the person who is weak in program!
If you have a simple program, we will produce it on behalf you.
USB3.0 camera
3.Two ways of fixed methods !

There is a hole of the M3
in four places in the
USB camera authentic sample.
Using this hole to fix camera.

USB3 camera
Available use the three-legs hole (1/4-20UNC)
by attaching the tripod adapter of the USB camera option.

4.Outside trigger terminal

Outside trigger terminal、
Strobe output terminal
Here is the point:
Available use ● saving image function and
● temporality stop image function by
outside signal from outside trigger terminal.
Easy to use for anyone who has a trouble with setting up program!
We provide trigger software with reasonable price.
USB3 camera
5.Viewer software standard features

Simple Viewer software is attached.
Available to save image and video by using this software.
●Saving format:  BMP/JPEG for image or AVI for video
※About saving video
The maximum size is 4GB.

Video saving time
1280x1024→about 20s
640x480→about 50s

Other edge emphasis functions are attached.
The multiplex setup of the camera is possible, too.

USB3.0 camera
6.Prevent frame dropping function

As preventing from unmatching between desktop and camera and adjusting the frequency of picture , the frame rate can be close to the ideal level.
※It is possible to prevent the display speed from being made by matching with PC.
USB3.0 camera
7.The multiplex start of the camera is possible!

If the double setup USB 3.0 camera is the DN3 series, a camera of the DN2 series, a double setup is possible by all combinations.
If you want to set up more than camera, please ask for technical support.
Technical support is here.

USB3.0 camera
8.Full line up
USB 2.0 camera 0.3megapixel- 10 megapixel Color/Mono
USB 3.0 camera 0.3 megapixel - 10 megapixel Color/Mono
For each type, enclouse housing camera / board cameara and Color / Monochrome are provided.
Please choose product that suits your purpose.

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