UVC Camera (1.3 Megapixel, Color) DN3UVC-130

1. The perfect UVC camera for replacing webcams.

2. No more hassle of driver setup required!

3. If you are using OpenCV-Python, this is the camera for you!

4. High frame rate and global shutter for capturing fast motion.

5. Equipped with an external trigger terminal.

6. Ideal for use with Raspberry Pi.



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● Compatible with commercially available UVC camera software.
● Works with UVC cameras by simply plugging them in on both Windows and Linux.

※UVC camera drivers are included in the operating system itself.

● Global shutter.
● Compliant with RoHS, CE, and REACH regulations! Can be used for integration into products for overseas markets.
● We provide assistance to those who have limited experience with using cameras! (via email or phone)

※ For those replacing webcams, please try our demo unit.

We recommend UVC cameras for programming on Linux platforms at our company.



UVC camera recommended points


1. If you’re using Open CV – Python, this is the camera for you!

And of course, it’s compatible with OpenCV/OpenCV Sharp too!


Open CV


With OpenCV UVC cameras, you can easily capture video using the Video Capture class in OpenCV. This allows you to create image processing programs relatively easily, and it also makes it convenient to port OpenCV programs created with webcams.


However, please note that the Video Capture class does not support fixed white balance settings or trigger capture.


=> Shodensha’s UVC cameras come with tool programs and explanations that address these limitations.     



2. Ideal for Raspberry Pi and NVIDIA Jetson series.


Shodensha’s UVC cameras can be used with Raspberry Pi (Raspberry Pi 4 Model B) and the NVIDIA Jetson series.


Raspberry PiJetsonシリーズ


(*) Please note that Raspberry Pi OS (as of version 5.10) has limitations on the USB 3.0 transfer capabilities. We recommend using Ubuntu for optimal performance.  


3.  No tedious driver setup required



Windows and Linux operating systems include drivers for UVC cameras by default. This means that you can simply plug in a UVC camera and it will be ready to use.

However, please note that in older versions of Windows and Linux, driver setup may be required in some cases.



4. Lens interchangeable due to C-mount compatibility.




One of the representative UVC cameras that supports lens interchangeability is the C-mount compatible camera. While most webcams do not allow lens replacement, our UVC cameras are equipped with C-mount specifications, enabling you to choose and use lenses according to your desired field of view and brightness.

5.    Equipped with an external trigger terminal



Our industrial USB cameras come with an external trigger terminal, making it easier to integrate into systems.

While UVC specifications do not support external trigger capture, Shodensha’s UVC cameras include software that allows you to switch to external trigger mode and perform capture accordingly.


6.    Suitable for replacing webcams


If you have tried using applications with webcams and encountered issues such as mismatched field of view, insufficient brightness, or the need for synchronized triggering during capture, you can consider switching to Shodensha’s industrial UVC cameras as a replacement for webcams.


However, please note that certain applications or programs may be specifically designed for a particular webcam and may not work with other cameras. Shodensha offers free demo units for loan, allowing you to test the compatibility of your applications and adjust your programs before making a purchase decision.  


7.  Two ways to mount the USB camera


USBカメラ Standard Mounting: The USB camera’s standard model has four M3 holes that can be used for mounting. The compatible screw size is 4-M3.
USBカメラ Tripod Adapter Option: By using the tripod adapter option (available for 2,100 yen excluding tax), you can also mount the camera on a tripod. The compatible screw size for the tripod adapter is 1/4-20UNC.


8.  We offer a wide range of options!

We have a variety of options available, including fixed-focus lenses, cables, software, and other accessories.



Fixed-focus lenses


Industrial cables


Robot cables


Product code DN3UVC-130 DN3VUVC-1000
Image Sensor

1/1.8-inch CMOS
1.3 MP


 e2v technologies

1/2.3-inch CMOS
 10 MP


 ON Semiconductor

Pixel Size (μm) 5.30×5.30 1.67×1.67
Maximum Resolution 1280×1024 SXGA 3840×2748
Frame rate  55fps (1280×1024) 7.5fps
Dynamic Range 62dB 65dB
Size/ Weight  30 x 30 x 31.5mm/42g
Shutter Type Global Shutter Rolling Shutter 
Mount C-mount CS-mount
PC Connection USB 3.0
Video Format (Pixel Format) YUV422 (YUYV 8Bit : YUY2)
Compatible OS  Windows 8、8.1、10、11 / Linux
Authentication RoHS・CE・REACH


Dimensional diagram






Hexagonal wrench (0.9mm) for flange back adjustment.
Trigger cable (12cm).
USB cable is optional and not included. We recommend a screw-lock type USB cable.



Spectral sensitivity characteristics of the sensor.





IR cut filter characteristics 





General Specification

Model Number

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