Multi-detector Camera System EI310


14.0-Megapixels camera, English and Japanese language supported EI310
The reason why EI-series is selected:
1.Low price
2.Easy set-up
3.Simple control by PLC

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What is the EI310 Image and Visual Inspection software?

It is easy operation and low-cost image inspection software, in order to connect to 1-5 pieces of USB cameras commercially available and for all purpose. You can easily build the image inspection system with low cost. If you register a good quality product image as a master image, the image inspection software can detect the difference in shape, color, position, and about dimensions and/or angle at the same time, from the inspected image.

Video demonstrations of the software are below!


[Free trial software evaluation version!]

We will send you a free CD demo version.
Or download here. Language support: Japanese and English.

Download trial version 

※The demo version does not carry the multi-camera function.
※Some PCs may not start with only the USB key that you purchased. Please download this in that cases.Download here.


Easy Setting

It have the same function of comparing the result of color, shape, dimension and angle measurement. Furthermore multiple cameras can be used.

Color and shape

Registration of master display
Noise removal, position correction etc. settings
Color adjustment
Perform the premission settings.
search setting
Display result, successful rate and number of search.

Dimension and angle

Can frame multiple measurement areas and option can be selected by each frame.
48 measurement options.(Show as the picture below)
By combining 2 options together, result of any error can be showed.
Only need USB camera and computer. Start the checking by a single click.
By connect to the I/O unit option, seach can be done by foot switch.
By connect to the I/O unit option and PLC, inline auto search will be available.


General Specification

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