Recording device Hi TriggerWatcher

Before and after activation, the software can record and check.


●The software records unexpected events authentically.
You can check the location where the problem occurred in the video.

●It can also be used to investigate what’s causing outages.


※It is incompatible with low-performance CPUs such as Atom, Celeron, and Pentium, which are designed to be cost-effective.




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Features of Hi Trigger Watcher



●Record before and after the trigger signal, just as you did with the recorder.
●Long videos, such minutes or tens of minutes, can be archived again after the trigger has been removed.
●Ideal for debugging manufacturing processes and equipment.



Don’t miss the moment when an anomaly occurs.
 The time before and after activation can be changed to any time, making it easy to locate an anomaly later.



●You can use an external trigger signal or a click to capture a video.



→You may easily get started testing with just a computer, camera, and software.



For those of you who are concerned about such matters,

Screws and dowels don’t fit the holes…

Sometimes parts and products are lost…

The mold gets clogged with excess casting material…

Robot spills product…





Example system


We have a demo machine for the switch box. Please contact us if you need.

You can record trigger times with the above combination.
●Camera can be selected according to conditions such as number of pixels. (3 MP to 20 MP)
●The lens will be selected according to the conditions.



※Please contact us as it is possible to support multiple cameras.




It can be used to save space and long distance.






Simulation image






Operating environment

OS Support ●Windows8 Pro 32bit / 64bit
●Windows8.1 Pro 32bit / 64bit
●Windows10 Pro 32bit / 64bit
●Windows11 Pro 32bit / 64bit
CPU Intel Core i7 Recommended for 6th generation and up (requires AVX extension instructions)
Ram 32bit  Windows : 4GB
64bit Windows : 8GB or more
Storage High speed SSD required
Compatible Cameras Compatible with CS series cameras (USB cameras) and EG series cameras (GigE cameras)

※Before you buy, be sure to test the operation on your computer using the demo machine loan service.

If you use a camera with 1.3 MP or less and set a low frame rate, it may work with the CPU of Intel Core i5 or i3.


※ If the resolution is 5 MP or more, a computer with 64-bit Windows, Intel Core i7 8th generation or later, and 16GB or more of memory is required.




Important considerations while using a laptop

Image processing needs a powerful CPU and a large amount of RAM memory.
High resolution and frame rate necessitate a massive amount of computing power and RAM.
It is incompatible with low-power CPUs like as the Atom, Celeron, and Pentium, which are designed to save money.


General Specification

Model Number
Hi TriggerWatcher

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