Leave the VISUAL INSPECTION to the camera!
With “one camera” and “4 easy steps”, a wide variety of judgments are possible!

● Full of convenient functions for visual inspection!
 ◊ Misalignment judgment
 ◊ Shape judgment
 ◊ Presence or absence judgment
 ◊ Color discrimination
 ◊ OCR function, etc.

● Lens / lighting integrated type! Easy start with one camera

● The waterproof and dustproof standard of the camera is IP67 compliant

※Power supply sold separately
※ LAN cable sold separately


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Main features of our smart cameras

Visual inspection is only 4 steps!


Step 1: Auto Brightness Correction and Auto Focus


スマートカメラ ステップ1





Step 2: Base Image Registration & Misalignment Correction


スマートカメラ ステップ3





Step 3: Detection Settings


スマートカメラ ステップ2




Step 4: Output Settings


スマートカメラ ステップ4


Abundant detection functions that are active in various fields!

・List of detection tools


・Shape discrimination

・Position correctio

・ Presence or absence inspection



・Color area


・Usage example

Since the lens and lighting are integrated, you can solve various problems on site with just one camera!


【Use Example 1: Detection of the presence or absence of bolts



Useful for inspection during product assembly! You can check to see if you forgot to attach any bolts.
Efficient as multiple points can be detected simultaneously with one device!



【Use example 2: Detection of incorrect combination of buttons】



It is possible to distinguish not only by the presence or absence of built-in buttons, but also by color, shape, etc., so it is possible to detect incorrect combinations.


[Example 3: Detection of printing presence】


Can detect printing omissions. In addition, it can detect if the workpiece is shifted or rotated, so it is useful in line work!






Discovery tool details

Detection tools such as counting, defect detection, presence inspection, position determination, measurement, and OCR are built into the camera.



<Count the number of registered items>
スマートカメラ カウントOK スマートカメラ カウントNG

Identifies whether the set number of items is available. Excess and deficiencies are obvious at a glance!



Presence inspection

<Shape determination>
スマートカメラ 形状判別OK スマートカメラ 形状判別NG

Determine whether the shape is as configured. Easily distinguish between similar parts!



<Determining the presence or absence of edges, lines, and specific shapes>
スマートカメラ 形状有無OK スマートカメラ 形状有無NG

It is possible to identify not only the shape of objects, but also edges and lines. You can also identify printing errors!




<Measure the diameter of the inspection object>
スマートカメラ 直径計測OK スマートカメラ 直径計測NG

You can tell the difference in diameter. Useful for inspection after drilling!



<Measure the width of the inspection object>
スマートカメラ 幅OK スマートカメラ 幅NG

The width of the workpiece can be identified. It is useful during inspections to check whether the width of the product meets standards.



Color area

<Identification based on the area of the specified color>
スマートカメラ 色面積OK スマートカメラ 色面積NG


Distinguishes the color based on the difference in area of the specified color. Convenient for checking whether the correct cord is connected!


<Recognition and discrimination of read letters, numbers, and codes>
スマートカメラ OCROK スマートカメラ OCRNG

Character strings can be identified. Detects printing errors such as model numbers!



Other points

Comes with a function to correct positional deviation and rotation of the workpiece!
Detection is possible even if the object is not in the center of the screen!


スマートカメラ 位置01 スマートカメラ 位置02

Product Specifications


HS3016-06MC HS3016-12MC HS3016-15MC HS3016-06MB HS3016-12MB HS3016-15MB
Image sensor 1/2.9”CMOS color 1/2.9”CMOS monochrome
Pixel size(μm) 3.45×3.45 3.45×3.45
Maximum resolution 1408×1024 1408×1024
Frame rate 60fps(1408×1024) 60fps(1408×1024)
Minimum exposure time (μs)



Dynamic range 71.4dB 71.4dB
S/N ratio 41dB 41dB
Shutter method Global shutter Global shutter
Focal length 6mm 12.4mm 14.8mm 6mm 12.4mm 14.8mm
Power supply DC24V DC24V
Network function Serial port/ TCP/ UDP/ FTP/ PROFINET/ Modbus/ Ethemet/IP
Ethernet 100BASE-T
Size/ weight 65.2×65.2x47mm/280g
Storage environment Temperature: -30℃~70℃ Humidity: 20%~95% (no condensation)
Operating environment Temperature: 0℃~50℃ Humidity: 20%~95% (no condensation)
Waterproof/dustproof standard IP67


General Specification

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