Cable for inspecting die-cast iron components: IT54FC-1M


+ Cable for MIGS300 series

+ φ5.4mm stainless steel spring tube.

(*) Cable only. Monitor body not included.

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A camera cable with a high level of flexibility, starting  to bend from the cutting-edge 7mm of the cable head.


Previous products : The cape bed cannot be inserted into the long part.

 IT54FC-1M:  flexibility, Surprisingly easy insertion with a tip length of 7mm


It allows for quick and continuous insertion.

It adopts a stainless steel spring tube.
When pulling the cable out of the hole, it automatically restores to a straight state using the spring.
Therefore, there is no need to manually adjust the cable shape, eliminating the hassle, and enabling quick and continuous inspections one after another.




It has a strong tensile strength compared to our company’s previous camera cables.


It adopts a stainless steel spring tube, which has increased its resistance to pulling during insertion and extraction.




It exhibits remarkable resilience to friction, surpassing our company’s previous camera cable in comparison.


This enhanced resistance to rubbing and abrasion during insertion and extraction has been achieved through the adoption of stainless steel spring tubing.





Cable Specifications:

Cable Type High-resolution (VGA) φ5.4mm stainless steel spring tube
Cable Features Dustproof and waterproof, equivalent to IP67 rating (meaning it can be submerged in water up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes without water penetration) / Oil-resistant (compatible with gasoline, kerosene, machine oil, and lubricating oil) / 90° field of view / Focal length ranging from 10mm to 100mm / CMOS sensor
Illumination 6 white LEDs (adjustable brightness)






Features of the Standard Type Cable and High-Function Type Cable:


Detachable and interchangeable

 The cables can be easily detached and replaced according to the application requirements. Compatibility with various devices: The main body is designed to be compatible with all types of cables. You can also purchase the cables separately if needed.


Dustproof and waterproof (IP67)

 The cables are capable of withstanding immersion in water up to 1 meter deep for less than 30 minutes without water penetration.



The cables can tolerate the attachment of gasoline, diesel fuel, machine oil, and lubricating oil. However, immersion in liquids is not recommended.


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