Entry level High speed camera 1.6 megapixel camera (color and monochrome) SMR160

The high speed camera at astonishing low price!
High speed cameras are not that difficult to use.
Let’s start by using this entry level high speed camera and leave some evidence.



●Low cost slow motion camera
●240 fps (frames per second) at a resolution of 1440 x 1080 effective pixels
●Records slow motion videos in H.264 compressed or uncompressed format.
●You can control the start and stop of recording using a timer.
●Records directly to your PC’s M.2 SSD.
●A lens is required separately.





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Slow motion camera features



1. Just connect camera to your computer and you can start shooting slow-motion movie right away!

No complicated settings are required.

Just connect the camera and start shooting right away!



2.Compressed (H.264 format) video storage allows for long-term recording

You can record in compressed H.264 (.mp4) format, which results in significantly smaller file sizes than uncompressed formats.
Of course, you can also record videos in uncompressed AVI (.avi) format.


When recording at 1440×1080 240fps for 1 minute

AVI(RGB24) approx. 60GB

H.264 compression approx. 2GB


*When shooting compressed video, a high-performance CPU, graphics card, and SSD are required.
*The file size of H.264 compression varies depending on the complexity of the image and the amount of movement.
*You can record unlimitedly up to the capacity of your PC’s M.2 SSD.


3.Snapshot function

Comes with a snapshot function that allows you to take still images at any time

Of course, you can take snapshots even while recording.
You can save and keep still images on the spot at any time, such as reference images or scenes that interest you.


4.Easy record & timer function with one click

●Click to record
No external signal settings required
Easy recording with the software’s REC and STOP buttons

●You can decide the recording time with the timer function.
You can set the timer to any length of time from the start of recording to the desired length of time.

High speed camera in an ultra-compact size!

This slow motion camera is ultra-compact, measuring just 29x29x30mm! It can be used in very small spaces.

three ways to fix

The standard product has four M2x3 holes.
You can use these holes to secure it in place.
The compatible screw size is 4-M2
The standard product also has three M3x3 holes.
These holes can also be used for fixing.
The compatible screw size is 3-M3.
If you attach a tripod adapter, it will also fit a tripod hole.
Compatible screw size is 1/4-20UNC

Standard equipment

● Slow motion camera
● USB cable (2m)
● Slow motion recording software Slo-Mo REC


Camera Specification

Camera type Color/Monochrome
Image sensor 1/2.9 inch CMOS
1.6 MP
Sony IMX273
Pixel size (μm) 3.45×3.45
Maximum resolution 1440×1080
Video storage format AVI、H.264
Snapshot storage format BMP、JPEG
Frame rate at 1440×1080 249.1fps
Dynamic range 71.1 dB
Power Supply Method USB bus powered
Weight (camera head only) About 80g
Maximum power consumption 3.3W at DC5V
Size 29x29x30mm (excluding protrusions)
Mount C mount
Interface USB3.0
Temperature environment (ambient temperature)

Operating temperature: 0 to 60°

Storage temperature: -30 to 70°

Certification CE, FCC, RoHS, KC




Control software specifications


OS Windows10 Pro 64bit, Windows11 Pro
CPU Intel Core i7 or higher, 12th generation or later recommended (AVX extended instructions required)
Graphics Board When using H.264 compression, RTX4050 or higher is recommended
Memory 16GB or more
Storage M.2 SSD





General Specification

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