Simply shine the laser light!

Measure welding bead (leg length) instantly and non-contact

● Easily measure with handheld type
● Simple measurement without contact
● Display and save leg length measurement results instantly

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Key features

No complex setup required! Measurement is easy.

・Complete connection with just one USB!
Simply connect to a computer or tablet via USB!
Once the application installed in the main unit, it’s ready to use.




・Being handheld makes it easy to handle!

You can now measure even in narrow spaces that were difficult to measure before.



・Measurement is done with just the trigger switch!

Simply point it at the welding bead (welding mark protrusion) and press the trigger switch to measure.


CSM-HS10WL ハンディタイプ





No technical expertise required!? Even inexperienced users can perform measurements.


・No need for calipers or dedicated gauges!
With the Welding Leg-Length Handy 3D Scanner, even inexperienced users can perform pinpoint measurements with just one scan.




・Comes with a guide rod for peace of mind even for first-timers!
Includes a convenient detachable guide rod to help users get accustomed to the distance and angle during measurements.



・Measurements can be taken at 12 locations!
Easily perform 3D measurements of 12 locations on the welding bead, including “leg length,” “undercut,” “joint angle,” “excess weld,” etc., using the optical cutting method.

CSM-HS10WL ガイド棒付き




Data digitization of measurement results enables precise measurements.


・Accurate measurements without human error are possible!
In the case of handwritten records, there is a possibility of errors or omissions. With the Welding Leg-Length Handy 3D Scanner, numerical values are displayed simultaneously with measurements, allowing for accurate records without errors.




・Report creation made easy for increased efficiency!
Measurement results displayed on the screen can be saved as files, and the data can be utilized in Excel.

CSM-HS10WL 計測結果をデータ化




Management and sharing made easy and convenient with QR codes.


・Measurement results can be linked to QR codes!
By scanning QR codes or barcodes, it’s easy to associate them with measurement items.




・Easy sharing with cloud utilization!
By combining shared QR codes with cloud services, it’s possible to achieve visualization and digital transformation (DX) of welding operations.






The conventional method of using dedicated gauges to measure multiple locations is inefficient.
With the Welding Leg-Length Handy 3D Scanner, simply pointing it at the welding area you want to measure allows for section measurements.



※ It cannot measure the penetration depth of the weld or blowholes inside the weld.






Measurement mode

Items 隅肉溶接

Single fillet

Double fillet
Single groove

R measurement

Height measurement
Edge measurement
Leg length
Theoretical throat thickness
Excess weld height β version
Undercut Under consideration

End-to-end distance

Flank angle Under consideration
Weld width β version
Intersection angle β version


β version Development schedule
Bevel angle Development schedule
Bevel Angle Development schedule
Bevel depth Development schedule
Root spacing Development schedule




Measurement results screen

● Camera Image: Displays the condition of the captured area by the camera.
● Laser Cross-Section Diagram: Clearly displays measurement results with numerical values and diagrams.
● Measurement History: Displays numerical measurement results for easy reference and utilization in Excel.



Measurement of fillet welds


Measurement of fillet radius


Measurement of butt welds




Profile and name

溶接脚長ハンディ3Dスキャナー 溶接脚長ハンディ3Dスキャナー


General Specification

Model Number

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