Heat-resistant borescope

Heat resistant borescope

A bore is installed in the observation section (high temperature section), and a camera is connected to the end of the bore for observation.




When observing images under high temperature using a heat-resistant borescope,
The following two methods are the main methods.


Without cooling device

Our borescope also has a heat-resistant type (compatible with 120℃).



耐熱ボアスコープ 120℃対応ボアスコープ(φ4.0mm)


●Heat-resistant borescope that can handle up to 120℃
●Enables non-destructive visual inspection of the inside of narrow parts that cannot be directly reached by the human eye.
●Compatible with various types of lighting such as M10 P=1.0 and M10 P=0.5
●Viewing direction: 0° (direct view), 30° (side view), 70° (side view)

耐熱ボアスコープ 120℃対応ボアスコープ(φ2.7mm)


The compatible temperature is 120℃, but it is usually in stock and low price.



If it is a made-to-order product, we have borescopes that can handle up to 150℃.


Please refer to the website for details.



With cooling device

If a cooling device is attached to the borescope, it can handle temperatures up to quite high temperatures.
It can also handle extremely high temperatures exceeding 2000℃.
This can be achieved by covering our borescope with a diameter of 4 mm or more (see our website for details) with a heat-resistant jacket (custom-made).




Insert water for cooling and air for tip purge into the heat-resistant jacket.




Most of the super heat-resistant borescopes are made to order.
Production begins after detailed discussions with the customer.
The price will be several million yen.


For details on borescopes
Please feel free to contact Shodensha technical staff 
We will make individual proposals tailored to each company.