How to record for long periods of time

How long do you record for? How will it be stored? Is there a need to remotely view Live video? How many cameras are needed? There are various methods depending on the purpose. There are three main methods.


(1)Security camera

A camera and a recorder are required, and the camera and recorder are connected to one network. Videos are stored on the recorder. All necessary videos can be saved as data. Basically, Live video can be checked within the network.



 ・Long time recording (e.g. 1 month)

 ・Multiple cameras (e.g., 16 cameras) can be recorded

 ・All recorded data can be saved


 ・Wiring and setup are complex (generally done by a professional installer).

 ・Cameras are relatively inexpensive, but recorders are expensive.

  (Recorder prices vary depending on the number of units and capacity of recorders that can be connected.)

 ・Cameras are often integrated and lenses are not interchangeable.


<Examples of commercially available security cameras and recorders>







(2)Cloud Camera

In this system, you purchase only the camera and pay a monthly fee for cloud usage. Videos are stored on the cloud for a “fixed period of time”. You can watch them as many times as you like within that period. To fully save the video, it must be downloaded, and the downloadable time is determined by the initial contract. You can view the Live video from anywhere with the URL you are given.



 ・Very easy to wire and set up

 ・Long time recording (e.g. 1 month) is possible

 ・Capable of recording multiple cameras (16 cameras, etc.)

 ・Viewing is possible from anywhere with an Internet environment


 ・Full storage of recorded data is limited to a certain amount of time

 ・Lenses cannot be replaced in many integrated cameras

 ・Security concerns remain


<An example of a commercially available cloud camera>







(3)Industrial Cameras

The camera is not dedicated, but a generic product. It only connects to a PC via LAN or USB and is not connected to a network. Videos are stored on the connected PC or HDD connected to the PC. Live video can be viewed only on the connected PC.



 ・Wiring and setup are very easy (software installation only)

 ・Lens can be replaced with a general-purpose industrial camera (C-mount)

 ・By adding software, it can be used in other ways (e.g., recording before and after an abnormal event)

 ・All data is recorded on a PC, so post-processing (editing) of files can be done with a series of PC operations

 ・Camera can be downsized


 ・The recording time and the number of cameras are limited due to the limited capacity of the PC or HDD.

 (Những gì chúng tôi có thể cung cấp là camera 1,3 triệu pixel, có thể kết nối với 8 camera và ghi hình 8 giờ mỗi ngày
trong khoảng 7 ngày)



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