4K Digital Loupe 4K-50-10N

4K at low price!

What a beautiful!

 ●Beautiful 4K image quality!

 ●Excellent color reproducibility!

 ●Equipped with Sony Exmor R sensor!



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The feature of this model

1. Beautiful 4K image quality!

4K image

X2 digital zoom image

Click to see the enlarged image.


2. Excellent color reproducibility!


observed the color palette.


Click to see the enlarged image.





Other function

30fps even at 4K
As a 4K camera when connected to a 4K monitor,
When connected to a full high-definition monitor,
it operates as a full high-definition camera.


Images can be saved and played
Can be saved and played only with the camera
Equipped with a function to save and play back videos and still images on the camera body


Still Image:JPEG format、TIFF format






with measurement function
・4 point angle
・Perpendicular line with 3 points specified
・Two-point area measurement (length, width, perimeter, area)
・Elliptical area measurement (length, width, perimeter, area)
・Two-point circle measurement (diameter, perimeter, area)
・Distance between two circle, etc.


General Specification

Model Number
W.D.:at 150mm時( Closest distance) 26mmx14mm (at x15)、W.D.:250mm時 61mmx34mm(at x6)
C mount
Pixel size(μm)


Image Sensor
Maximum Resolution
Frame Rate
30fps(at 3840×2160) 60fps(at 1920×1080)
HDMI cable(standard equipment)


・4K camera
・AC adapter 
・MicroSD card(16GB)
・HDMI cable
56 LED ring light
(with LED angle)
50mm fixed focus lens
(1 inch・20MP suppotrted)
10mm Close-up ring
Camera stand

You can choose from ring lighting type and bar LED lighting type.

< Observation of resin buttons>


The above figure is an image confirmed using ring lighting.
The light shines evenly.

The figure above is an image confirmed using bar LED lighting.
Use the bar LED lighting to emphasize the edges.
It just creates a shadow.


<Observation of 1-yen coins>


Ring light

Bar LED light


<Observation of metal parts>


Ring light

Bar LED Light


<Observation of metal processing marks>


Ring light

Bar LED Light


Bar LED lighting is recommended when you want to emphasize edges and scratches for observation.

4K Digital Loupe(Scratch emphasis bar lighting)

  • If you want to emphasize the scratches, the bar LED type is recommended.

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