How to integrate with binocular stereomicroscope?

When observing with a binocular stereomicroscope with both eyes, the objective lens is slightly oblique so that the object is close to the actual view.

(It is the same as looking at nearby objects with both eyes of a human.)


Therefore, looking at the following objects with one eye



You can see the side slightly. (In other words, you will be looking at diagonal.)


When the microscope is moved up and down, the field of view also shifts slightly.

The focus synthesis software is made on the premise that the field of view does not shift.
(It is assumed that it vertically moves up and down to the object)
If you use focus synthesis software with a stereomicroscope, it will blur like a photo below.


Mitani Shoji’s focal synthesis software (WinROOF 2015 Lite) has “microscope mode”.

Focus synthesis is possible without bleeding by focus synthesis using this function.

We also support these problems. Please feel free to contact us.


Of course, if you are a straight tube microscope like the one on the left, you can use normal focus synthesis software without problems.