Zoom Stereomicroscope (with Smooth Arm with Coarse Adjustment Knob) AFN-405W

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Zoom microscope with a lock-free arm to rid you of annoying locks


●No annoying locks! Smooth operation to improve work efficiency
●Stereomicroscope with arm that can be freely angled up, down, left and right
●Working distance 97mm
●High-eyepoint eyepieces
●7x to 30x zoom lens
●coarse adjustment angle stroke:67mm

※Light is optional.
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The smooth arm has a more convenient coarse movement angle!


When working with an object placed on the desk,
a coarse movement angle is attached, which is convenient for focusing.


There is no troublesome lock, allowing smooth operation to improve work efficiency!

Conventional microscope arms
have locks on each joint.
You have to tighten these
locks every time you set
a new position.
This model does not
have a lock on each joint.
When you release your hand
in any position, the arm
will stop in place.
Work efficiency is greatly
improved by smooth operation.


US patent obtained!

AFN-405 stays in any
position in space due to
mechanical balance without locking.
(US patent obtained)
Just hold the horizontal
short arm part (arrow part)
by hand and change the angle.
It stretches smoothly
and stops immediately.
It rotates and saves quickly.
It allows comfortable operation!
It can stay mechanically stationary
in any position.


Smooth arm that can be freely angled up, down, left and right

You can move the microscope
head by 90 ° from horizontal
position to upward position and
by 30 ° from horizontal position
to downward position.
Each joint can rotate by 360°.
The arm can be moved from the 90° position to the 25° position.


Mounted on the edge of a workbench

It can be attached to
the edge of a workbench with
a clamp (vise).
(Clamp is standard equipment)
Maximum clamping width: 65 mm




The smooth arm has a coarse adjustment knob! 

Comes with a coarse adjustment knob that makes the popular smooth arm more convenient.
So convenient to just place an object on the desk, adjust it into focus, and start working.



The [coarse adjustment type] with a vertical movement knob is very convenient when fine adjustment is required.

If you place an object on a desk and need fine adjustment,
the coarse adjustment type with a coarse adjustment knob (vertical movement knob)
is very convenient.



Smooth arm operation video 



Example for use in attachment to a cart




General Specification

Model Number
Eyepiece Lens
Objective Lens
Field Number
Interpupillary Distance
Lens Barrel
Binocular head
Inclination angle
Observation distance
Height (when stored)
Load capacity * Mechanically required weight

Introduction of useful options

Auxiliary lens that reduces the magnification but allows you to extend the working distance when required


0.5x auxiliary lens NSZ-0.5
0.75x auxiliary lens NSZ-0.75
By attaching an auxiliary lens, you can reduce the magnification and extend the working distance.
0.5x auxiliary lens
Magnification: 3.5x to 15x
Working distance: 180 mm


0.75x auxiliary lens
Magnification: 5.25x to 22.5x
Working distance: 120 mm


Working distance when using an auxiliary lens



Specialized option to observe with brighter lighting
LED ring light
Attach the 56 LED ring light to the tip of the objective lens.
The double-line 56 LED light provides
brighter lighting.
・Double-line 56 LED ring light
・Diffusion plate
・Accept 100-240V power supply and can be used overseas



Ideal for protection against dust, etc.
Adapter with protective filter for AFN-405 (W)
Colorless and transparent protective filter,
ideal for protection against dust.
※Auxiliary lenses cannot be used when a protective filter is attached.
LED ring light can be installed.
Attach to the tip of the objective lens





Specialized option for when there is no space on the desk or shelf to hold the vise


[Grommet to be attached to workbench / desk]
Desk grommet mount
Make a hole of about Φ10mm in the top plate
or shelf of the desk, and pass it through
the Φ10mm hole with the screw part of the
grommet from above.
Insert the main arm into the grommet mount fixed to a desk.





Optional Parts if you want to install it on an optical laboratory table.
[M6-25mm matrix optical laboratory table flange]
Optical laboratory table flange
There are screw holes for attachment to the M6-25mm matrix optical laboratory table.




Option to fix the arm to a shelf and lower the microscope


[Smooth spin]
Smooth spin
By installing this instead of the horizontal arm of the standard arm, you can move the microscope below the mounting shelf.
The smooth arm can be installed not only on the edge of a desk but also on a shelf.
It can be folded into a compact shape when not in use.





Specialized option to mount the microscope on a shelf


[Wall mount bracket]
Wall mount bracket for AFN series
A bracket for mounting the smooth arm directly on the wall. You can use the smooth arm in a small space by rotating it to the left.
Save even more space by using it in combination with Smooth Spin!

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