In a typical industrial camera, strong light such as laser light or arc discharge light can cause the imaging sensor to cause burn-in.

Usually, when shooting strong light, a neutral density filter (ND filter) is used. ND filters are used to reduce the amount of light by a certain amount, regardless of wavelength.

ND filters on the market include ND4, ND8、…、 and ND1000. The number at the end indicates the dimming rate.




* If the level of the observation light is reduced to 1/1000, a commercially available product is sufficient.


Some cameras are designed for strong light. For example, a camera that observes strong arc light has a built-in ND filter on the body.




Depending on the intensity of the light, each manufacturer has its own ideas. One manufacturer adjusts the optical axis of a device with a built-in semiconductor laser (Class 3B) by attaching an ND filter to an ordinary industrial camera.




Of course, there are also dedicated measuring instruments for detecting the beam position.

When detecting beam position or measuring energy distribution such as lasers, it is recommended to use a dedicated measuring instrument instead of a general-purpose camera.

Some use cameras as measuring instrument systems, while others use sensors such as thermopiles or PSDs.