Confirmation items if the image quality is coarse (lens and lighting)

1. Using lens with aperture
(LRS series, MS series, SG series, CCTV lens, etc.)

If you use a diaphragm with a diaphragm function, the depth of focus will be deeper. However, the resolution will be lower.
If there is no problem of depth of focus, we recommend opening the aperture as much as possible.

2. Reduce the influence of R and C on the edge of the object.
If there is C face or R face on the edge of the observation object, it may be blurred due to the depth of focus problem.
(For details, please refer to “How to look at the edges of the R side cleanly.”)

There is also a method called binarization when observing only edges in dimension measurement applications and so on.
There are the following two methods for binarizing.

(1) Use transillumination to make a silhouette screen.
(2) Use software binary mode.