custom made borescopes


We can manufacture custom-made borescopes according to your needs.

You can choose from the table below.

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Borescope Custome made production examples






Outer diameter Effective Length View direction Viewing angle
φ3.0mm 55mm 60-80
φ3.0mm 302mm 60-80
φ3.0mm 304mm 60-80
φ3.0mm 400mm 60-80
φ3.0mm 302mm 30° 60-80
φ3.0mm 302mm 70° 60-80
φ3.5mm 302mm 70° 60-80
φ4.0mm 200mm 60-80
φ4.0mm 302mm 60-80
φ4.0mm 380mm 60-80
φ4.0mm 420mm 60-80
φ4.0mm 540mm 60-80
φ4.0mm 302mm 30° 60-80
φ4.0mm 200mm 70° 60-80
φ4.0mm 302mm 70° 60-80
φ4.0mm 380mm 70° 60-80
φ4.0mm 420mm 70° 60-80
φ4.0mm 503mm 70° 60-80
φ4.0mm 540mm 70° 60-80
φ4.0mm 50mm 70° 60-80
φ4.0mm 50mm 90° 60-80
φ4.0mm 90mm 90° 60-80
φ6.0mm 380mm 60-80
φ6.0mm 400mm 60-80
φ6.0mm 450mm 60-80
φ6.0mm 400mm 30° 60-80
φ6.0mm 300mm 70° 60-80
φ6.0mm 380mm 70° 60-80
φ6.0mm 540mm 70° 60-80
φ6.0mm 300mm 90° 60-80
φ6.0mm 350mm 90° 60-80
φ6.0mm 380mm 90° 60-80
φ6.0mm 450mm 90° 60-80
φ6.0mm 455mm 90° 60-80
φ8.0mm 302mm 60-80
φ8.0mm 380mm 60-80
φ8.0mm 450mm 60-80
φ8.0mm 490mm 60-80
φ8.0mm 302mm 70° 60-80
φ8.0mm 350mm 70° 60-80
φ8.0mm 300mm 90° 60-80
φ8.0mm 340mm 90° 60-80
φ8.0mm 426mm 90° 60-80
φ8.0mm 450mm 90° 60-80
φ10.0mm 500mm 60-80
φ10.0mm 340mm 30° 60-80
φ10.0mm 325mm 70° 60-80
φ10.0mm 500mm 90° 60-80
φ10.0mm 375mm 90° 60-80
φ10.0mm 300mm 90° 60-80









General Specification

Outer diameter
Effective Length

You can purchase only what you need for your needs.

If you want a handy and easy observation
Easy to hold, convenient to use
Handy camera for borescope

Variable Magnification Camera Adapter Lens

LED lighting for borescope (3W)


If you want to shoot using a high definition camera
Images with no display delay (suitable for inspection and work)


High-definition camera

Variable Magnification Camera Adapter

LED lighting for Borescope


If you want to take pictures using a USB camera
When you need to store a lot of video, or when you need to process images using software in addition to observing
USB camera

Variable Magnification Camera Adapter

LED lighting for Borescope



Other options


Handy lighting for borescopes
Handy LED lighting
for borescopes
・Handy LED lighting
for borescopes
・1 lithium battery included as standard
・Lithium charger sold separately
Camera adapter for connecting a C-mount camera to a borescope
・Camera adapter for connecting
a C-mount camera to
a borescope or fiberscope
・Adapter lens allows
magnification and focus
(distance from subject is infinity to 3mm)
・Can be connected to 28mm
to 32mm eyepieces


LED lighting for borescope with connected camera
・Coaxial lighting that can be
attached to various borescopes and
fiberscopes with M10 and P=0.5.
Light intensity can be visualized with a 7-segment display.
Images captured by the high-definition camera are saved on the included microSD card.
By connecting a high-definition camera to the HR-MINI,
you can record still images and
videos onto the microSD card
that comes with the HR-Mini.

Convenient optional camera stand

3D Arm Camera Stand

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