Heat resistant borescope

●Can be used in environments with ambient temperatures up to 1600°C

●New rod lens for bright, clear images

●Compatible with USB cameras, GigE cameras, high-definition cameras, etc.


*Since this is a custom made product, there are no demo units available.

*Test shooting is possible if we receive a sample of the product.

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We will produce it according to your requests.
This is a heat-resistant borescope that can continuously monitor the inside of a high-temperature atmospheric firing furnace.
We will discuss your requirements and produce to order.



Can be used in environments with ambient temperatures up to 1600°C!
A high-performance rod lens and industrial camera are housed in a compact camera jacket, and radiant heat is cut by the heat-reflecting sapphire glass on the front.
By cooling the camera jacket and lens with cooling water and air, it can be used in environments with ambient temperatures up to 1600°C.
It uses a new type of rod lens that not only provides bright and clear images, but also allows monitoring of a wide area inside the furnace with a horizontal viewing angle of 55°.



Industrial cameras can be changed to suit your needs
You can choose from a variety of industrial cameras, including USB cameras, GigE cameras, and high-definition cameras, depending on your needs.
(Industrial cameras are sold separately.)


Product Specification
Model Number JKT Series
Camera You can choose from USB camera・GigE camera・High Definition Camera
Lens Rod lens borescope, minimum diameter: φ32mm (varies depending on conditions)



Terms of use
Furnace atmosphere temperature Up to 1600℃
Cooling water

Boiler water (recommended): 15 to 30 liters/min, 0.3 MPa

Cooling Air

Instrument air (recommended): 30°C or less, 100-150 N liters/min, 0.2MPa

Dry air with drain removed by a filter

Other equipment
In addition to the heat-resistant borescope, the following equipment is required.
Please prepare your own equipment or contact us for further information.

・Light guide for illumination
・Light source device
・Camera device for scope
・Air-cooled or water-cooled chiller device for cooling
・Compressor for air cleaning mechanism




Outline drawing



*Made to order according to customer requests. Shape may vary depending on various conditions.


Previous Products

  Outer diameter Effective Length Viewing direction
/ viewing angle
Heatproof temperature Water
/Air Cooling
1 33.7mm 2000mm 45°/70° Up to 800℃ Water Cooling Glass manufacturing
2 60.3mm 220mm 35°/70° Up to 400℃ Water Cooling Chemical plants
3 40mm 582mm 45°/60° Up to 800℃ Water Cooling Energy Plant
4 40mm 1117mm 45°/65° Up to 1200℃ Water Cooling Energy Plant
5 36mm 2020mm 90°/65° Up to 1200℃ Water Cooling Heavy industry
*Prices are determined by various conditions, so please consider them as a guideline.


General Specification

Model Number
JKT series

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