Differences between C-mount industrial cameras and webcams

Industrial cameras are used for visual inspection and observation.
This section introduces the differences between C-mount industrial cameras (FA cameras) and web cameras.


Any of the following problems are bound to occur in human visual inspections and counts.



Webcam Features

When people hear the word “USB camera,” they tend to think of a web camera.
They are sold on the Internet and at mass retailers, and simply by connecting to a PC, an image is projected.
They are sold at very reasonable prices and are easy to obtain.

Areas where webcams are used

However, webcams are rarely employed in industrial or industrial settings.
The most likely reason is that the lens is not interchangeable.
A web camera basically has a built-in lens.
The camera and lens are included in a single case.
The price is very reasonable,  including the lens, but the disadvantage is that the lens is not interchangeable.
Just as cameras have pixel counts, lenses also have corresponding pixel counts.
Recently, cameras with high pixel counts are relatively inexpensive, but lenses are not.
Even if a web camera claims to have 5 megapixels, the lens probably has less than 1 megapixel.
Therefore, the image is not clear and blurred despite the high pixel count.
Basically, industrial cameras are divided into a camera body and a lens.

What is a useful industrial camera…

There are several standards for industrial cameras called C-mount, CS-mount, and S-mount.
Lenses that fit these mounts are separately prepared and mounted.
The ability to select lenses allows for a wide variety of options, such as the area to be projected and the distance the camera needs to be away from the object.
In addition, the number of pixels of the lens can be selected to match the number of pixels of the camera, resulting in a clearer image.

How to choose an industrial camera

Industrial cameras:
1.USB camera
2.GigE camera
3.UVC camera
5.High-speed camera
There are various types, such as the following, to choose from depending on the application.
Industrial cameras are chosen in industrial and industrial settings because they offer a very high degree of freedom in terms of the images that are projected.



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