External device that stores video signals

Video signals are general purpose video signals.

One of the advantages of using a video signal is that a wealth of external equipment can be obtained at a low price.

This time we will introduce some recorder.

(1) Conversion cable

It is a conversion cable introduced in “How to convert video signal to USB“.

Because it saves with software on PC side, still images and movies can be saved depending on software.


(2)Battery-driven recorder

It changed a bit, it is a battery-driven recorder.

It is made overseas but you can purchase it with Amazon etc.

You can save not only videos but still images.

The recording medium is this body. The record data is sucked up by PC with USB.

Since there is no output terminal, it can not output to the monitor.


(3)USB memory compatible video recorder with division function

The video signal recorder sold at our company can save both movies and still images.

It is a video recorder GRAV-1 with a division function compatible with USB memory.

The recording medium is a USB memory. You can save movies and still images.

It is also possible to save using an external trigger.

(It will be only still images. * It can be saved only for movie saving by special order correspondence.)

USBメモリ対応分割機能付ビデオレコーダー USBメモリ対応分割機能付ビデオレコーダー


For video signals, video recording machines are mainstream.

When saving of still images is unnecessary, the number of options increases and the price becomes low price.

(4) Compact DVR

 Small DVR only for saving movies is sold at the site of burglar alarm equipment.


(5)Hard disk recorder

Many low-priced hard disk recorders are also on sale.

Long time recording is also suitable for video cameras.

We will introduce one hard disk recorder that can record for 2 months with monitor with long time recording.


(6)Skip back recorder

There is also a skip back recorder.

It records the image before and after the trigger is entered with a sensor etc.