Falling illumination

Falling illumination is a lighting method used in microscopes, digital microscopes, and similar devices. It involves illuminating the specimen from above. There are various shapes and types depending on the mounting method and application, such as ring illumination, twin-arm LED illumination, dome-style illumination, arch-shaped illumination, and coaxial illumination.


リング照明 GR10-N Ring illumination GR10-N
ツインアームLED照明 SPF-D2 Twin-arm LED illumination SPF-D2


It is effective to use different types of illumination depending on what you want to observe. When attaching to the lens part, ring-shaped illumination is often used.


マイクロスコープ Ring illumination is attached to the tip of the lens and used for illumination.


There are various angles and types of ring illumination available.



LEDの角度 LEDの角度

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