Hair cuticle obsrvation 2

■ Direct Observation of the Cuticle

Even when observing hair at higher magnification, the cuticle might still be difficult to discern. It tends to appear merely as an enlargement of dark particles.

Observation with Ring Illumination



When using ring illumination, particularly with a “coaxial illumination high-magnification type,” visibility might improve slightly. However, it would also require higher lens resolution.

  1. General High-Magnification Microscope (Coaxial Illumination)
  • Ultra-High Magnification Microscope NSH130CS-R, Set price around 500,000 yen
  • While it’s a general-price microscope, it possesses lower lens resolution (coaxial illumination).

超高倍率マイクロスコープ NSH130CS-Rで観察


  1. High-Resolution, High-Magnification Microscope (Coaxial Illumination)
  • Ultra-High Magnification High-Resolution CCD USB Microscope USH130CS-H1, Set price around 1.4 million yen
  • A microscope with higher lens resolution, offering ultra-high magnification (coaxial illumination).

超高倍率高解像度 CCD USBマイクロスコープ USH130CS-H1で観察


  1. Metallographic Microscope
  • Metallographic Microscope GR3400J, 210,000 yen (excluding tax)
  • This microscope functions as a coaxial illumination microscope. While it’s not its intended use, the cuticle is distinctly visible. It might offer the best cost-effectiveness if observing only the cuticle.

金属顕微鏡 GR3400Jで観察

Observation with Metallographic Microscope GR3400J

To capture images like those shown below, an electron microscope would be necessary, which typically costs at least 6 million yen or more. (Note: We do not handle electron microscopes.)



■ Cuticle Observation Image Comparison

  • Metallographic Microscope + Microscope Camera at 400x magnification

金属顕微鏡 + 顕微鏡用カメラ 400倍



Ultra-High Magnification Microscope (USH3130CS-H1) at 800x magnification


超高倍率マイクロスコープ(USH130CS-H1) 800倍



■ Indirect Observation of the Cuticle

Directly observing the cuticle using a biological microscope is not possible. However, utilizing the “Swamp Method” allows for indirect observation.

Prepare a “Swamp Solution” and a “Swamp Board.”

Place the hair on the Swamp Board, apply the Swamp Solution, and let it sit. The surface of the hair will transfer onto the Swamp Board.

Observation with a Biological Microscope

Below are photos taken by our company using the Swamp Method for cuticle observation.