Hair cuticle obsrvation 2

Even if you observe hair with raised magnification, I think that it is difficult to understand until cuticle.

(Only black foreign matter will simply become bigger.)

Observation with ring lighting


If it is a high magnification type with coaxial illumination, it will be slightly easy to see.

Furthermore, it is necessary to increase the resolution of the lens.

Super high magnification microscope SH140CCD-2R set price about 400,000 yen

Although it is a general-purpose price, those with low lens resolution (coaxial lighting)


Ultrahigh magnification high resolution CCD USB microscope USH140CCD-H1

Extremely high magnification microscope (coaxial lighting) set with high lens resolution


Metal microscope GR 3400 21 ten thousand yen.

There is a metallurgical microscope as a microscope of coaxial illumination.

Although it is not the original usage, you can see the cuticle clearly.

If you observe only the cuticle, I think that the most cost performance is high.


<Image comparison of hair cuticle observation>

Metallic microscope + camera for microscope (140 CCD camera) 400 times


 Ultra high magnification microscope (USH 140 CCD – H 1) 800 times


Simple coaxial microscope



Building a simple microscope with a combination of existing parts


Observation of cuticle at low price is possible.

However, the resolution of the lens will be reduced.


The tip can be exchanged with a microscope objective lens.


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