Full HD Camera for Microscope HDCT-20BA

High-definition camera that achieves both affordable price and high image quality
Easy installation on a microscope!


●Ideal for inspection without latency!
●With optional line generation function
●With anti-halation function (with HDR function)


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Easy to use
Simply plug it into the trinocular or eyepiece of the microscope.
It can be connected to a microscope to a φ23.2 mm straight lens barrel (JIS standard)
and most microscopes with a φ30.0 mm lens barrel.
Convenient features
Show/ hide crosslines
(Both white and black lines can be displayed)
Arbitrary line display
Up to 4 vertical lines and 4 horizontal lines can be displayed / hidden.


Edge enhancement
You can adjust the edge enhancement from level 1 to level 3.
About the field of view of the microscope camera


General Specification

Model Number
Power Supply
Accessories HDMI cable, AC adapter
Maximum power consumption
20VA or less


Image Sensor
Maximum Resolution
1920x1080(FULL HD)
Frame Rate
HDMI cable

Intruction of useful options


A fixed adapter (F-JIS) is required to prevent camera rotation and image blurring.


Fixed adapter (for industrial cameras)
The camera can be fixed to the JIS standard φ23.2mm lens barrel.
By using this adapter, you can prevent blurring of the image and rotation of the camera.


Among our microscopes, this product can only be attached to our trinocular microscopes.


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