High-performance microscope camera (with MicroSD card slot) HDCT-20XM

Visual inspection with clear image quality! Microscope camera with HD resolution
Can save the observation image


Ideal for testing!
●Ideal for testing without display lag!
●Images can be saved. Equipped with the function of saving and playing video and still images inside the camera


Supports halo removal as well!

●Images can be seen without underexposure or overexposure thanks to HDR capability.


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The camera’s most important feature.

1. Equipped with “Halo Removal Function”!



2. Equipped with a preview function!



“What is halo removal?”

This is a function that can “automatically” and “at high speed” choose the best exposure based on the brightness of the subject.
Please watch the video for more information.




Preview function

This function allows you to see saved images/videos on the camera without having to connect the MicroSD card to a computer.
For more information, watch the video!




other features

can save still images and video

There is a MicroSD card slot!
The supplied MicroSD card can be used to save still photographs and videos.
(Still image: JPG format, video: MOV format)

*Note: Use a MicroSD card with a capacity of 128GB or less.

*You can shoot roughly 10,000 images with an 8GB micro SD card.
The video lasts nearly one hour.
【Note when recording video】
The SD card is formatted in FAT32 by the camera.
A file’s maximum size is 4GB, according to the FAT32 specification.
Although the camera may record for an extended period of time, a 4GB file cannot be recorded continuously and must be split into many files.
A 4GB file cannot be placed during continuous recording.
(Capture will continue after the next file is created automatically.)
Between files, there will be a 3 second unwritten delay.




HDR compositing function!


Compositing in HDR mode!
It has a function that lets you express a greater dynamic range than traditional photos.
Even in light and dark photos, you can reduce underexposure and overexposure.
You may capture images in low light by using the HDR mode.

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Normal mode HDR mode
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Normal mode HDR mode
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Normal mode HDR mode

What is High Dynamic Range Composite (HDR)? →Click here



Menu manipulation is possible with the optional remote control!
With the optional remote control,
you may access the camera menu (sold separately).




Line creation function
Can show/don’t show Cross line.
※The size of the grid and the concentric circles cannot be changed.
About the field of view of the microscope camera


How to use in simple way

Simply plug the camera into the microscope's third eye or eyepiece.
It is possible to connect most microscopes with eyepiece and third eye dimensions of 23.2 mm (JIS standard) and 30.0 mm.
* Use the Cmout camera if the third eye has a C-mount converter.

About the field of view of the microscope camera


General Specification

Model Number
Power Supply
HDMI cable, AC adapter, USB (8GB)


Image Sensor
Maximum Resolution
1920x1080(FULL HD)
Frame Rate
60fps (at 1920×1080)
HDMI cable


・FULL HD camera for stereo microscope
・ AC adapter
・ USB memory (8GB)
・ Caliber conversion adapter (φ23.2-φ30.0mm)
(A conversion adapter with a diameter of 30.5 mm is also available upon request.)

Recommend Option for convenient usage


To avoid camera rotation and image blur, a fixed converter (F-JIS) is necessary.


Fixed adapter (for industrial cameras)
The camera can be fixed to the lens of a JIS standard φ23.2mm microscope.
By fixing this you can prevent the image from being blurred and the camera tilted.


In the case of Shodenshai’s microscope, it can be attached to the third eye.


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