USB 3.0 Camera for Microscope (5 megapixel)  HDCT-500DN3

USB 3.0 microscope camera with low latency


●Compatible with USB 3.0 with low latency
●Viewer software included
●Compatible with Windows 11

※Equipped with a USB 3.0 port

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Can be attached to most microscopes

Can be attached to a φ23.2 mm or φ30.0 mm eyepiece or a trinocular straight lens barrel.



Standard equipment

・ USB cable

・ Caliber conversion adapter (φ23.2-φ30.0 mm)

(φ30.5 mm conversion adapter is also available for request.)

・ Software



About the field of view of the microscope camera



General Specification

Model Number
・ USB cable
・ Caliber conversion adapter (φ23.2-φ30.0mm) (φ30.5 mm conversion adapter is also available for request)
・ Software


Image Sensor
Maximum Resolution
Frame Rate
2592×1944 12fps

Introduction of optional software

Introduction of optional software
●We also offer a lot of optional software for measurement, focus stacking,
automatic visual inspection, image connection, and graphite spheroidization rate measurement.
You can also use the commercially available application
(* DirechShow compatible) that are currently in use.

Optional measurement software


High-performance image processing measurement software MFShip

● Measurement support (Edge automatic fit) function
● Pin-point digital zoom function
● Focus stacking function for easier use
GS-4SQ calibration tool also included
(with 4 sets of increments 20µm / 100µm / 500µm / 1mm)

【Measurement items】
● Distance between two points
● Distance between parallel lines
● Distance between horizontal parallel lines
● Distance between vertical parallel lines
● Vertical distance
● Distance between circle centers
● Point coordinates
● Angle from 3 points
● Angle from 4 points
● Diameter of a circle defined by 3 points
● Approximate circle
● Rectangle
● Ellipse
● Approximate straight line
● An arc defined by 3 points, etc.
【Useful Function】
・Auto edge capturing function
・Precise digital zoom function
・Display ratio
・Focus synthesis function
・Generating reports
・Image connection function (tiling function)


Comparison between standard Viewer software and high-performance image processing measurement software (MFShip)

・The main differences are summarized in the table. Please select based on required functions.

  Standard Viewer software
Distance between two points
Focus stacking ×
Export to Excel ×
Show thumbnail display
of image data
Change screen display magnification ×
Show crosslines ×
Show layout grid ×
Supported operating systems Up to Windows 10 Up to Windows 10



Intruction of useful options


A fixed adapter (F-JIS) is required to prevent camera rotation and image blurring.


Fixed adapter (for industrial cameras) F-JIST

The camera can be fixed to the JIS standard φ23.2mm lens barrel.

By using this adapter, you can prevent blurring of the image and rotation of the camera.


Among our microscopes, this product can only be attached to our trinocular microscopes.


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