Heat resistant of borescope

Heat resistant of borescope

If it exceeds 150 ° C, a cooling device is required and it becomes a complete custom product.

In case the cooling system is unnecessary, it is up to 150 ° C.

Additional devices are unnecessary so it can be introduced easily.


A separate cooling device is required. It is possible to correspond up to about 1800 ° C.

However, additional equipment such as cooling equipment is also required, so it will be completely customized.


This is only a guide, it shows the following two points.

・The cooling enclosure is mounted in a borescope of φ5.5 or φ4 mm and it is about φ14 mm.

・The maximum length is 1000 mm at 800 ° C. We will designate it as below:



Where to place the water inlet and drain outlet also depends on the customer’s request.


   It may be the camera type or direct observation. It will be the specification of the customer’s preference.



Reference: Custom-made · Heat-resistant scope price

(Price is determined by various conditions, please see it as a guide only)



Lighting is attached to normal borescope but in custom case, lighting is optional.

In bad environment, you can also install an air purge so that the tip does not get dirty

I can do it. (We call it as an air cleaner.)

Questions about heat resistant borescope are received from here.

Please fill out the specification sheet below and send it to us by e-mail or fax.


※Because all heat-resistant of borescope is made to order, we are sorry that there is no preparation of demonstration machine.