Height measurement USB microscope USH500CSU-H1-CNX

Capable of measuring height in microns!
High accuracy achieved through ultra-high magnification


● Comes with an indicator for measuring height

● Ultra-high magnification of up to 2700x!

● Minimizes chromatic aberration

● Sharper edges

● Japan’s top zoom ratio of 12

● Adopts a global shutter to prevent screen shaking at ultra-high magnification ranges

● 1/4 the price of conventional high-end machines

● Coaxial lighting type

● Comes standard with simple measurement software that can measure the distance between two points

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Height (Z-axis) can be measured with indicator


An ABS digital indicator is attached to a stand for USH.

– Measurement range: 25.4mm
– Minimum display: 0.001mm (switchable between 0.001/0.01mm)
– Indicator precision: 0.003mm





<Example of use: A video measuring the height from the smartphone’s LCD screen to the surface of the protective film>








Functions of the pre-installed standard measurement software

  • Save still images (JPEG / BMP formats)
  • Measure the distance between two points
  • Pause (Freeze)
  • Save / read calibration data during measurement
  • Fit-in, digital zoom
  • Supported operating systems: Windows 8 or later
  • Saving / reading calibration data during measurement
    ※Calibration glass scale is optional and sold separately.




Standard equipment
5.0 MP USB3.0 camera Ultra-high magnification zoom lens Objective lens
Stand with coarse and fine adjustment angles ABS Digimatic Indicator Dimmable coaxial lighting
XY Stage Viewer software  


Why is its price so low?

超高倍率高解像度 USBマイクロスコープ
We make this product with only necessary features and omit unnecessary ones. Autofocus and focus stacking functions are not included. Instead, more attention is paid to the lens to obtain clearer observation images. Please take a look at the high-quality images observed with Japan's top-level lenses.
超高倍率高解像度 USBマイクロスコープ
※We always accept test requests. Please feel free to contact us.

The great thing is: 1. Chromatic aberration is reduced to the limit! Observing the surface of a 10-yen coin at 1000x magnification.

超高倍率高解像度 USBマイクロスコープ
Observing with SH140CCD-R2
When observing at an ultra-high magnification exceeding 1000x, color separation occurs due to the difference in wavelength.
超高倍率高解像度 USBマイクロスコープ
Observing with USH500CS-H1
Color separation does not occur even at an ultra-high magnification exceeding 1000x. Optical and chromatic aberration are reduced to the utmost limit! The image is sharper and the edges are sharper even at high magnification.

2. Sharper edges! Observing the surface of black rubber at 1000x

超高倍率高解像度 USBマイクロスコープ
When observing with SH140CCD-R2
超高倍率高解像度 USBマイクロスコープ
When observing with USH500CS-H1, both the image and the edges are clear.

Observation at ultra-high magnification

When observing at ultra-high magnification (over 1000x), the edge of the observed object is inevitably blurred due to aberration. Aberration occurs due to the performance of the lens. Aberration can be suppressed to some extent by lens choice. However, this also greatly affects the product price, so I think it is necessary to use different lenses depending on the observation object.

Shodensha offer
(1) A general-purpose ultra-high magnification lens and
(2) A high-performance ultra-high magnification lens with maximum performance.

Observing patterns of a silicon wafer at 1200x with two lenses.

超高倍率高解像度 USBマイクロスコープ
For general-purpose lenses (SH140CCD-2R)
With a general-purpose lens, an object with a 1 μm pitch has a bulging edge and looks integrated.
● Criteria for proper use
As long as a 1 μm object does not come close to you, you can check its presence or position with a general-purpose lens.
Therefore, you can use it to check foreign matter, or presence or absence of patterns, etc.

超高倍率高解像度 USBマイクロスコープ
For high-performance lenses (USH500CS-H1)
With high-performance lenses, an objects with a 1 μm pitch can also be checked individually.
● Criteria for proper use
A high-performance lens is necessary to observe surfaces with approximately 1 μm pitch and observe particles with such of the same color gathered together.


General Specification

Model Number
230x - 2700x ※Magnification value is calculated and converted to apply to 17-inch monitors.
1.5mm×1.25mm(at 230x) 0.12mm×0.1mm(at 2700x)
Supported Operating System
Windows 10、11
8GB or more


Image Sensor
Number of Pixels
5.0 MP
Frame Rate
2600×2160(59.8fps) ※Actual frame rate varies depending on the performance of the computer and the settings.
CPU Requirement
Intel core i5 or above


Working distance
14mm constant





Introduction of optional software

We have various optional software!
●We also offer a lot of optional software for measurement, focus stacking, automatic visual inspection, image connection, and graphite spheroidization rate measurement.
You can also use the commercially available application (* DirechShow compatible) that are currently in use.

Optional measurement software

高機能画像処理計測ソフトウェア MFShip



●Measurement support (Edge automatic fit) function
●Pin-point digital zoom function
●Focus stacking function for easier use
GS-4SQ calibration tool also included
(with 4 sets of increments 20µm / 100µm / 500µm / 1mm)

【Measurement items】
● Distance between two points
● Distance between parallel lines
● Distance between horizontal parallel lines
● Distance between vertical parallel lines
● Vertical distance
● Distance between circle centers
● Point coordinates
● Angle from 3 points
● Angle from 4 points
● Diameter of a circle defined by 3 points
● Diameter of an approximate circle
● Rectangle
● Ellipse
● Approximate straight line
● An arc defined by 3 points, etc.
【Useful functions】
・Edge automatic fit function
・Pinpoint digital zoom function
・Scale display
・Focus stacking function
・Report creation
・Image connection (tiling) function



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