High-performance Trigger capture software (multi-camera version) Hi TriggerF PRO4

Can save/pause by Trigger signal.
Furthermore, numerous cameras for multiple triggers are possible!


has the functions of Hi TriggerF PRO

●Supports up to 4 cameras

●Save/pause still images (JPEG/BMP) with Trigger signal as when closing camera shutter.

●During live operation, alignment and focus can be accomplished.

●Compatible with the CS (USB Camera) and EG series (GigE camera)


※It is incompatible with low-power, low-cost CPUs like as the Atom, Celeron, and Pentium.




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Features only for Hi TriggerF PRO 4

●You may use Hi Trigger F PRO’s features O and even when connecting up to 4 cameras.




Other features of Hi TriggerF PRO4



Displays up to seconds.


●Binary Functions

The binary threshold is also adjustable.


●Display diagonal
 It can always be displayed in the center of the screen.

Hi TriggerF Pro



Hi TriggerF Lightの特長


●Shooting is feasible if the trigger is set correctly at the time of use.


●Capture subjects rapidly and without blur
 →You can adjust the exposure time.



Hi TriggerF PRO 4 has three modes.


●Live Mode

Used for focus and alignment.
You can use it just for observation.



As a result, it’s ideal for focusing and positioning!



●Trigger freeze mode





●The latest acquired image will be displayed till the next trigger signal is given. As a result, it can be checked on the screen slowly.

(If you want direct display between triggers, Hi Trigger Q is recommended.)


●You can also utilize it without saving the still image by simply updating the video with the trigger signal.
It does not load the PC’s RAM because it is not saved, even when testing in mass.




Therefore, it is ideal for visual inspection!





●Activation save mode





●Ideal for collecting images for other systems like AI

●Ideal for archiving all photos for traceability.

●When the date changes, the save folder can be automatically created and switched.

※According to the customer’s system, Hi Trigger F Pro can be configured (charged) to alter file name, folder name, and folder creation time.


Please contact us for the file name modification fee of the trigger software Hi Trigger F.



HExample of building a photography method for AI system using Hi Trigger F Light


Hi Trigger F Lightを使ったAIシステムへの画像取り込み方法の構築例







As a result, the AI system’s image collection ・
Size to save all images for traceability!




system example


We have a switch box demo example. If you require assistance, please contact us.

By combining the aforementioned, you may capture the trigger moment.
●The camera can be selected based on factors such as the amount of pixels. (0.3 megapixels to 20 megapixels)
●The lens will be selected according to specific conditions.




It can be used to save space and long distance.






System example video







Operating environment

OS Reciprocal ●Windows8 Pro 64bit
●Windows8.1 Pro 64bit
●Windows10 Pro  64bit
●Windows11 Pro 64bit
CPU 6th generation Intel Core i7, i5, i3 or later are recommended (requires AVX extension instructions)
Ram 64bit Windows : 8GB or more
OS Reciprocal Compatible with CS series cameras (USB cameras) and EG series cameras (GigE cameras)

※Before purchasing, be sure to use the demo machine rental and perform a long-time recording (about 12 hours) test on your PC.

If you use a camera with 1.3 MP or less and set a low frame rate, it may work with Intel Core i5, i3, and GPU with built-in CPU.


※ In the following cases, a 64-bit version of Windows, 8th generation Intel Core i7 or higher, or 16 GB Ram Laptop or higher is required.
 ・When using a camera with a resolution of 5 MP or more
 ・Three or more cameras with a resolution of 1.3 MP or higher




Important considerations while using a laptop

Image processing needs a powerful CPU and a large amount of RAM memory.
High resolution and frame rate necessitate a massive amount of computing power and RAM.
It is incompatible with low-power CPUs like as the Atom, Celeron, and Pentium, which are designed to save money.
For older PCs with Windows 8 or earlier, please use the demo service to fully verify the operation.


Lower Version of Hi TriggerF Pro 4


high-function trigger capture software

Hi TriggerF Light







High-function trigger capture software
Hi TriggerF PRO


The following functions have been added to the functions of Hi TriggerF Light.


Binary function

Display diagonal




 Click here if you want to monitor the camera image in real time



Display 4 screens
photography software
Hi TriggerQ
Simultaneous shooting from 1 to 4 cameras is possible. 
Hi TriggerQ


General Specification

Model Number
Hi TriggerF Pro4

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