High-sensitivity HD camera for borescopes BA200HD

高感度ハイビジョンカメラ BA200HD

When observing in complete darkness with strong light from one direction, a normal camera can cause problems such as:


1. Dark

2. Bright and dark areas are emphasized


To solve these problems, we have developed an original camera specifically for borescopes that has high sensitivity and a wide dynamic range.


Tripod adapter sold separately

A recorder (optional) for saving still images and videos is also available.

*Monitor not included.

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Easy to set up! Easy to use! Easy to save!
Cross lines can be displayed/hidden.
(Both white and black lines can be displayed)
Arbitrary line display: Up to 4 vertical and 4 horizontal lines can be displayed or hidden.
Edge emphasis: You can adjust the edge emphasis from level 1 to level 3.

High dynamic range compositing function comes as standard!
It comes with a function that allows you to express a wider dynamic range than normal images.
Even in images with a lot of light and dark, it can reduce blackouts and whiteouts.
By using this HDR compositing function, you can shoot images with reduced halation.
Normal Mode HDR Mode


Fixing Method
By attaching the optional tripod adapter,
it can also be used with a tripod hole.
Compatible screw size is 1/4-20UNC


General Specification

Model Number
1. If you want to see it visually
LED lighting for borescopes
Battery-powered / Mains-powered
You can choose between battery-powered (handheld type) and mains-powered LED lighting.
Handy LED lighting for borescopes (battery-powered)
・Handy LED lighting for borescopes
・1 lithium battery included as standard
・Lithium charger sold separately


2. When connecting a high-definition camera
Images with no display delay (suitable for inspection and work)
LED lighting for borescopes
High-sensitivity HD camera for borescopes
11.6-inch HD monitor
Camera adapter for connecting a C-mount camera to a borescope
Variable Magnification Camera Adapter Lens
・Camera adapter for connecting a C-mount camera to a borescope or fiberscope
・Adapter lens allows magnification and focus adjustment
(Distance from object is infinity to 3mm)
・Higher resolution than previous models
・Can be connected to 28mm to 32mm eyepieces
LED lighting for borescope with connected camera
LED lighting for high-performance coaxial units for borescopes (3W)
・Coaxial lighting that can be attached to various borescopes and fiberscopes with M10 and P=0.5.
Light intensity can be visualized with a 7-segment display.
If you want to save the movies, you will need optional recorder.
LED lighting for borescopes
High-sensitivity HD camera for borescopes
11.6-inch HD monitor
HDMI recorder HR-MINI

High-definition microscope/camera observation screen can be saved without a PC


HDMI Recorder
This is an HDMI recorder that can save digital images output from a high-definition microscope/camera as still images and videos.
You can check the videos you have taken without moving the micro SD card.


3. When connecting a USB camera
When there is a lot of video storage, when not only observation but also image processing is done using software
LED lighting for borescopes
USB camera for borescopes



Convenient optional camera stand

Low-price camera stand
3D Arm Camera Stand





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