Borescope Handheld Camera System BHO200LT

Easy-to-hold, comfortable operation at hand ! Borescope Handheld Camera

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Versatile handheld camera system for borescopes, perfect for any field



<Image of usage>






Useful in situations like this!

BHO200LT_製品紹介01 ●Observing heavy objects!
BHO200LT_製品紹介02 ●Observing while holding the object in your hand!
BHO200LT_製品紹介03 ●Observing the gaps of large machinery!

In addition, it can be used in various situations such as when the inspection target is large and cannot be moved, or when observing objects that are fixed to the machine tool during processing.



1. A handy camera that is easy to hold with one hand

Comfortable design and stable to hold!! 




It is designed as a handheld type, making it easy to hold and comfortable, reducing fatigue during use!




One-handed operation for effortless observation and manipulation!

●Observe safely with assistance!


Guide it to the observation hole with your other hand. Reduce the chance of breaking borescope.

●Adjust the light intensity while observing!


You can adjust the light intensity with your other hand, make the observations more smoothly!


●Easy to observe while holding the object!


Since you can hold the object with your other hand, you can even observe objects with unstable shapes.



2. Hands-on control for comfortable observation!

Operate easily with four buttons on the camera part!
Can preset functions such as “zoom function” and “white balance function” with four buttons at hand.
You can operate it at hand while holding the camera, making it easy to observe!




Each button is customizable
It is possible to assign frequently used functions to each button from various available functions.
Customizing the button functions according to the situation allows for improved work efficiency!


<List of functions that can be set>

・AWB (Auto White Balance)


Controller Button setting screen image

BHO200LT_製品紹介08You can set up with the button on the controller






Other features

● Connected to the screen without PC!


Just connect it directly to a Full HD monitor for computers! 

You can connect it directly to the monitor via HDMI from the controller, so you don’t need a computer.



●Long camera cable! 

The camera cable that connects the controller and the camera is approximately 3 meters long!





●Resistant to twisting even when rotated!


If there are multiple cables connected to the camera, they can easily become tangled, making it difficult to observe.

With this product, you can enjoy comfortable observation without worrying about tangled cables, as it only requires a single cable!


If there are multiple cables,

they are more prone to tangling  

With just one cable, it is resistant to twisting






Set Camera

Handheld camera specialized for borescopes

Variable magnification  adapter lens


3W LED for borescopes
ハンディカメラ カメラアダプタレンズ

<Completation image >

※Borescope is sold separately


★In case of damage to the borescope, customers can easily replace it with a new one!



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