What camera is required for a borescope?

When a camera is attached to a borescope, it becomes dark.
Therefore, a highly sensitive camera and strong lighting are required.
The BA200HD that we offer is low priced and highly sensitive, but depending on the conditions of the object and the type of borescope, even the BA200HD may become dark.
One option is to use lighting with a strong amount of light, but lighting with a strong amount of light is expensive.




Recommended function “Automatic Exposure Takumi”

Here we would like to introduce our high-performance high-definition camera.
High-performance features include high sensitivity, and combined with the “Auto Exposure Takumi” function, it is extremely effective in dark situations.
One drawback is that the camera element size is small at 1/2.8 inch, so the area that can be seen in the image is a little narrow.
However, it is compatible with borescopes smaller than φ2.7.




Shodensha’s high-sensitivity high-definition camera for borescopes