Highly durable endoscope with superior environmental resistance.

There may be occasions where a “highly environmentally resistant” borescope is requested. Our borescope is a general-purpose product, capable of:
– Operating under atmospheric pressure
– Operating within a temperature range of -5℃ to 36℃ in the insertion section, and 15℃ to 70℃ in other sections.

The borescopes from Karl Storz Endoscopy Japan Co., Ltd. are renowned for their exceptional environmental durability. They can withstand temperatures up to 150℃ and exhibit resistance to oils and solvents.





It is designed to be rugged and capable of withstanding harsh industrial applications.

Moreover, there are specialized variants available.

There seems to be a borescope available for observing conveyor mechanisms within vacuum systems and discharge phenomena in film deposition processes from a closer proximity using an endoscope. Additionally, it is capable of capturing both still images and videos.