How to attach general-purpose LED ring light to stereo microscope?

When attaching general-purpose LED ring light (not special LED ring light) to the tip of a stereo microscope, if the inner diameter of LED ring light is larger than the tip part of the microscope (the red circle part of the below picture), basically it can attach.


(Microscope with attachment part at the tip)

ニコン 照明


Based on the type ofmicroscope, there is a T-bar hanging at the head or the head is larger than the inner diameter of the LED ring light.


(Microscope without attachment part at tip)


In such a case, you can easily attach the lighting by attaching the LED fixing ring using the inner screw of the microscope.

For microscope as described above, the inner screw for fixing the filter is cut on the back of the tip cover.

As it is for optical filters, pitch microscope is common regardless of microscope manufacturer. (P = 0.75 mm)

* By the way, it is a fine pitch than fine thread of he general ISO screw.


This can be used to attach the fixing ring.

(We have a fixed ring of M49 and M48 available.)


照明 照明 照明

It is easy to attach LED ring light.


照明 照明


The inner thread diameter may be large with a very large microscope.

There is no problem in this case.

Step-down rings are on sale from filter makers and others.


The following example is a step down ring from M 58 to M 49 mm.


By combining an LED fixing ring (attach with step down ring M49), you can easily fix the LED ring light to a microscope with a large aperture.